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Business of Medicine evolves with industry

Our final Business of Medicine quarterly magazine for 2017 sets the stage for the upcoming year. We have started to change things around a bit for this publication, one of the few that covers the Las Vegas health care industry.

Nevada Medicine in 2017

As we all know in Nevada, our Legislature meets for 120 days every other year. The 2017 Legislative session will see the Democratic party in control of the Senate and the Assembly. Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, is the head of the executive branch, which means that bills that are passed that do not have bipartisan support may very well face a veto challenge by the governor. With the country so divided politically, the 2017 legislative session will be a wild ride, to say the least.

Medical bankers serve health care professionals

When people have a specific illness or health issue, they see a medical specialist. But what about health care professionals who need guidance on financial services? It makes sense for them to contact a specialist at their bank who is familiar with the health care industry and can help ensure the financial health of their practice.