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Innovation: a special culture that businesses cultivate

Innovation is fresh thinking that leads to valuable products and services. Innovation is not limited to inventing. That generally is visualized as made by people in white lab coats with a high IQ. Innovation is a special culture that businesses cultivate. It is a culture of creation. Central to the innovation culture in our present connected world is diversity, inclusion and a work environment which fosters creative thinking

R-J products in revitalization process

After spending the first six months of the year kicking cancer, now that I’m back, I’m frequently asked what’s going on at the R-J? My answer seems a bit surprising to most. The second time the Las Vegas Review-Journal was sold last year was my first week of medical leave. Six and a half months later I returned to a completely new company.

The Park tells the story of The Strip

By sight alone, tourists on the Strip can easily forget where they are at on the globe. A Tuscany village in Italy? A romantic night in the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Bustling through a busy, big city night in New York City?

Municipality headed toward net-zero energy

The city of Las Vegas is looking a bit more green these days. Over the past 26 years, it has reduced its energy costs by $5 million annually and increased the recycling rate to 60 percent. The city recently signed contracts for hydropower and solar energy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent while increasing the amount of green energy use to 100 percent. It is on track to become one of only four net-zero energy cities in the U.S.

Solar will survive in Southern Nevada

Luckily, Nevada residents and business owners still have options when it comes to energy. Many are interested in solar energy even with significantly lower net-metering benefits that were once a primary reason for going solar. Now businesses large and small are going solar for the simple reason that they want to become energy independent.


CORRECTION: A caption in the March edition of the Business of Medicine incorrectly stated the purpose of an expansion of bed space by Kindred Hospitals. The beds at the new Kindred facility adjacent to Spring Valley Hospital are for transitional care and rehabilitation.

Specialty care a growth field

New Las Vegas medical facilities dealing with mental health and rehabilitation are expected to open by the end of March and one addressing memory care has started construction.