• Benjamin H. Dutzar, Katie Anderson, Brian R. Kovacevich, Andrew L. Feldhaus, John A. Latham, Leon F. Garcia-Martinez

9481725 – Antibodies to HGF and compositions containing

The present invention is directed to antibodies and fragments thereof having binding specificity for HGF. Another embodiment of this invention relates to the antibodies described herein, and binding fragments thereof, comprising the sequences of the V.sub.H, V.sub.L and CDR polypeptides described herein, and the polynucleotides encoding them. The invention also contemplates conjugates of anti-HGF antibodies and binding fragments thereof conjugated to one or more functional or detectable moieties. The invention also contemplates methods of making said anti-HGF antibodies and binding fragments thereof. Embodiments of the invention also pertain to the use of anti-HGF antibodies, and binding fragments thereof, for the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of diseases and disorders associated with HGF.


• Jeff Himmelright, David Lawdensky, Gary Frerking, Jeffrey Topham, David Salour

9483907 – Gaming system

A gaming machine (12) is disclosed which comprises at least one meter (76) arranged to generate game meter data. The gaming machine (12) is arranged to forward meter data generated by the at least one meter (76) to a remote data storage device (26) arranged to store meter data associated with a plurality of games. The gaming machine (12) is also arranged to retrieve meter data associated with a game from the remote data storage device (27) when the gaming machine is requested to provide the meter data associated with the game. An associated gaming system and method of gaming are also disclosed.


• Kazuo Okada

9483910 – Bill processing unit and gaming machine including same

In order to make it easy to change the necessary device specifications when adapted to paper currencies in circulation in a plurality of countries and regions, a paper currency processing device (M1) has: a paper currency slot (M5) which is capable of handling the paper currency (T) of multiple currency circulation regions from the outside of the device; a paper currency transfer mechanism for transferring the paper currency (T) between the paper currency slot (M5) and various locations inside the device; and a plurality of paper currency cases linked to the paper currency transfer mechanism. The paper currency transfer mechanism is controlled in such a manner that the paper currency case associated with a currency circulation area is identified, and the paper currency (T) is transferred into the identified paper currency case.

• Kenta Kitamura, Jenji Enokido, Tatsuya Teranishi, Takaki Narita

9483904 – Gaming machine

A gaming machine capable of realizing game patterns differing from one another in a bonus game is provided. A main CPU 222 determines symbols to be rearranged by conducting a lottery based on a first symbol determination table in which in free games, probabilities, with each of which predetermined symbols (BONUS symbols) are rearranged on a particular condition (a condition that three or more BONUS symbols are rearranged in a display window 56), are set so as to exceed a predetermined probability and in the next free games subsequent to the game in which the predetermined symbols have been rearranged on the particular condition, determines symbols to be rearranged by conducting a lottery based on a second symbol determination table in which probabilities, with each of which the predetermined symbols are rearranged on the particular condition, are set so as to less than the predetermined probability.


• Allon G. Englman

9483899 – Gaming systems having expected value indicators

A wagering game system includes an input device, a display device, and one or more memory devices storing instructions that, when executed by a controller, cause the wagering game system to display an expected-value indicator on the display device and receive, via the input device, an input indicative of at least one wager. The instructions further cause the wagering game system to add a portion of the at least one wager to an actual turnover for a progressive jackpot and update the expected-value indicator to indicate the actual turnover for the progressive prize relative to a theoretical average trigger value, thereby indicating a theoretical probability that the progressive jackpot will be awarded and award the progressive jackpot in response to a triggering event.

Damon E. Gura, Alfred Thomas

9483914 – Community game that adapts communal game appearance

A community game that adapts a scene on a community display based on the number of participating players and/or player locations from one session of the community game to another or in any given session and/or number of the gaming terminals. Selectable elements are displayed on the community display for selection by the participating players. When additional players are eligible to participate in the community game, a field of view or a virtual camera angle of a scene is changed to reveal additional selectable elements or a greater variety of selectable elements than were available for selection with fewer participating players. Any of the selectable elements can be cooperatively selectable elements which multiple players can select to reveal an enhanced award. Based on the players’ locations, the scene can be adapted to portray selectable elements or previously hidden or obscured areas of the scene closest to the newly participating player(s).

Dion K. Aoki, Jeremey M. Hornik, Daniel P. Louie, Jamie W. Vann

9483900 – Wagering game with expanding reels

A method for conducting a wagering game includes receiving a wager to play the wagering game. A base array of symbol positions arranged in a plurality of columns is displayed. A plurality of symbols is randomly distributed such that each of the symbol positions in the base array is associated with one or more of the symbols. An extent by which the base array of symbol positions is to be expanded is indicated by the symbols. The base array of symbol positions is expanded into an expanded array of symbol positions including at least one additional symbol position.

Marty Backover, Sean Bybee, Rajendra Chaparala, David Corson, Ignatius Vincent, Patricia McMahan, Subbarrao Panindra, Mukundhan Srinivasan, Alexandra Taylor

9483911 – Information distribution in gaming networks

Patron information generated at an originating gaming property may be transmitted to a requesting gaming property based on a set of permissions associated with a group of gaming properties. Vouchers generated at a first gaming property may also be redeemed at a second gaming property.


David Kartler

9482010 – Cornerbead/corneraide apparatus and related methods

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for cornerbead or corneraide for finishing the junction between two or more walls. Embodiments include at least one generally central web portion with at least a portion thereof extending and/or deformed away from a person viewing that web portion as assembled in the finished assembly.


Kariann Sinko

9480240 – Dog restraining apparatus and method

Embodiments of a dog restraining apparatus comprise a dog collar and a collar positioning assembly. The collar is configured to attach to a leash at a location behind the dog’s head when the collar is secured around the dog’s neck. The collar positioning assembly includes an alignment strap having ends attachable to the collar at respective collar attachment locations such that the alignment strap is extendable across the dog’s nose bridge when the dog collar is secured around the dog’s neck The collar attachment locations may be adjustable along the collar. The alignment strap may have a continuous or non-continuous bead of elastomer disposed on its interior surface to frictionally engage the dog’s nose. The collar positioning assembly may be readily detachable from, and re-attachable to, the collar. Attachment of the strap ends may be facilitated by intervening structures such as strap end loops, O-rings and releasable collar attachment loops.


Samuel Thomas Suica, Thoms L. Scanzillo

D770385 – Electrical receptacle tester

The ornamental design for an electrical receptacle tester, as shown and described.


Adrian Wotton, Karen M. Cregan, Peter Gerrard, Erick T. Ching, Dov L. Randall, Anthony J. Baerlocher

9483903 – Gaming device and method for providing wagering for additional symbol functionality and package betting

A gaming device which includes a plurality of different predefined wager packages. Each predefined wager package is associated with a wager amount or value and includes one or more of a plurality of different game play features. In operation, the gaming device enables players to wager an amount equal to one of the plurality of predefined wager packages available to the player. The game play features associated with the wagered on predefined wager package are activated for one or more plays of a game.

• Michael M. Oberberger, Craig A. Paulsen, Richard E. Rowe

9483905 – Ultra-thick gaming device

Systems, apparatus, and related methods for implementing services over a plurality of gaming devices in a mesh network. A plurality of gaming devices are situated in a mesh network. A gaming device includes a client processing module configured to provide play of one or more games of chance, and a mesh network interface configured to provide communications with a further one or more gaming devices. A gaming device also includes a server processing module configured to receive and transmit service data via the mesh network. The service data is independent of game play data for wagering on a game of chance at one or more of the gaming devices. The service data is capable of being stored at a gaming device and at the further one or more gaming devices to provide a level of redundant storage of the service data.

Paulina Rodgers, Karen Mihcelle Cregan, Benjamin C. Hoffman

9483916 – Gaming system, gaming device and gaming method providing stacking symbols and convertible reels

The gaming system, gaming device and method provides a reel game that includes stacks of symbols configured on the reels to provide a large number of winning symbol combinations. The gaming device includes a plurality of reels wherein each reel includes a reel-strip and a plurality of symbols. Each of the plurality of reels is configured to include one or more stacks of symbols wherein a stack of symbols is formed by placing a plurality of identical symbols adjacent to each other on a single reel. If two non-adjacent reels each generated a stack of identical symbols and at least one reel positioned between the two non-adjacent reels generated symbols different from the symbols used to form the stack of identical symbols, at least one symbol on the at least one reel positioned between the two non-adjacent reels is modified into the symbol that forms the stacks of identical symbols.

Steven G. LeMay, Dwayne R. Nelson

9483906 – Anonymous player tracking with mobile devices

A monitoring system for monitoring customer activities within a casino enterprise is described. The monitoring system can be used to determine a current utilization of casino activities so that an optimal mixture of activities can be offered by the casino. Further, the system can be used to identify customers, based on their utilization of the activities, whose loyalty that a casino enterprise may wish to cultivate. In particular embodiments, the monitoring system can be configured to passively track portable wireless devices and associate the portable wireless devices with activities within the casino enterprise that are not attributable to customers registered in a loyalty program. The identity of the person controlling a particular portable device can be unknown. A virtual customer account can be created where the first portable device is used to identify a virtual customer associated with the account. Based upon identification of the first portable device, activities can be associated with the virtual customer and store to the virtual customer account.


Steven Johnson, Bryan Allne Wilcutt, Omar Jorge Rivera, Connie R. Masters, Scott A. Toth Sr., Daniel Petersen, Brian Anthony Montano, Dominic Mohrhardt

9483894 – Bezel assembly for use with an automated transaction device

The bezel assembly for data reception, for use with a bill validator in a financial transactional device, includes a bezel housing and a data reception assembly. The bezel housing includes a customer-facing front portion and a back plate connectable to the bill validator that is mounted within the transactional device cabinet. The front portion includes an insertion/dispensing slot for receiving currency and a projecting protrusion forward of the casing. The forward-extending protrusion accommodates at least a portion of the data reception assembly. The bezel assembly can include a wireless communication function that is communicably connectable with a mobile device via a wireless communication method, a manual entry function, a biometric reader, one or more cameras for scanning and decrypting 2D barcodes and the like, thus enhancing the overall functionality of the financial transactional device.


John F. Acres

9483909 – Gaming device having multiple game play option

Embodiments of this concept are directed to gaming devices that are configured to initiate multiple gaming events in response to a player input. The gaming device may include game initiating inputs that initiate a predetermined number of gaming events in response to the player input, or the gaming device may include configurable game initiating inputs that initiate a number of gaming events specified by the player, specified the gaming device, or specified by a gaming server. The gaming device or gaming server may set the number of initiated game events in response to the occurrence of a triggering event.


Daniel Thomspon, Harry B. Marr, Nnaemaka Okafor, Chris McLean, Aaron Romulo, Edwin Molina

9485125 – Dynamically reconfigurable channelizer

Embodiments are directed to a channelizer architecture configured to provide fully configurable frequency spectrum shaping by: establishing a plurality of parameters of the architecture, receiving an input signal, processing, by the architecture, the input signal in accordance with the plurality of parameters to obtain an output signal, analyzing the output signal to detect an object, and modifying the plurality of parameters to account for at least one dynamic condition associated with the object.


Jack Raymond Prince

9481768 – Method of mixing to form composition

A fly ash material or other filler or combination of the two having a particle size distribution is mixed with a liquid coupling agent in a sealed mixer that is heated to gasify the coupling agent for association with the varied particles of the filler. An acid scavenger, an antioxidant, a compatibilizer and an impact modifier may be mixed with a base resin or target resin to form a master batch or the final composition. Either the master batch or the final composition is mixed with a blend of a mineral oil and a styrenic block copolymer in addition to low melt or fractional melt resins.


Michael G. Pravica Sr.

9480856 – X-ray targeted bond or compound destruction

This document provides methods, systems, and devices for inducing a decomposition reaction by directing x-rays towards a location including a particular compound. The x-rays can have an irradiation energy that corresponds to a bond distance of a bond in the particular compound in order to break that bond and induce a decomposition of that particular compound. In some cases, the particular compound is a hazardous substance or part of a hazardous substance. In some cases, the particular compound is delivered to a desired location in an organism and x-rays induce a decomposition reaction that creates a therapeutic substance (e.g., a toxin that kills cancer cells) in the location of the organism. In some cases, the particular compound decomposes to produce a reactant in a reactor apparatus (e.g., fuel cell or semiconductor fabricator).


Donald House

9480902 – Fighting glove

A glove useful for mixed martial arts fighting has padded knuckles for the four non-opposed fingers, with the lower half of each of the fingers not enclosed. The palm of the glove is open, and the thumb is not covered. The glove has an inner pair of attachment straps closable across each other over the wrist, and installed over the attachment straps is a closable outer support or stability strap that wraps around the wrist. Both the attachment straps and the support strap are preferably closable through use of a hook and loop fastening means such as Velcro.RTM..

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