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Brian J. Barclay, Allon G. Englman, Andrew C. Guinn, Daniel P. Louie

9489796 – Modifying wagering games based on secondary-participant data

A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In some examples, the operations can include connecting the wagering game system to client devices via the network communication interface. The operations can further include detecting an electronic indication of wagering game activity performed via a first of the client devices. A first user account is associated with the first of the client devices. The operations can further include determining, via an electronic game processing unit, that a second user account, associated with a second of the client devices, is indicated in the first user account as a social contact. The operations can further include automatically increasing, via the electronic game processing unit, a chance that a first casino wagering game associated with the second of the client devices will result in a winning outcome based on the wagering game activity performed via the first of the client devices.

Brian Riffel

9488334 – Elastomeric indicator light lens

An indicator light includes at least one segment. Each segment includes a housing forming an interior and an exterior surface with a light source within. A light filter comprises a transparent or translucent stretchable elastomeric ring processed to pass a desired color and dimensioned to fit on the exterior surface of the housing.

Dale R. Buchholz, Magesh Gangadharan, Jamie W. Vann, Matthew J. Ward

9489792 – Managing gaming data rule sets and communications

A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In some embodiments, the operations can include accumulating data for a plurality of events that a first application generates during a wagering game session from a plurality of wagering game sessions associated with a wagering game player account. The operations can further include detecting that occurrence of at least one of the plurality of events would cause a second application to award a level of progress in a persistent-state game. A state of the persistent-state game is persisted across the plurality of the wagering game sessions for the wagering game player account. The operations can further include providing the data to the second application, after the occurrence of a trigger, such as in response to determining the at least one of the plurality of events would cause the second application to award the level of progress in the persistent-state game.

Dion K. Aoki, Shawn C. Collette, Allon G. Englman

D771193 – Game display screen with multiple arrays of reels

We claim the ornamental design for a game display screen with multiple arrays of reels, as shown and described.

Kay Daniel Vetter, Joseph R. Hedrick, Scott Thomas Hilbert

9487972 – Electronic lock mechanism

An electronic lock and system particularly for replacing existing mechanical locks for gaming devices are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, the gaming device includes a cabinet having a chassis and a main gaming device door locked by a mechanical lock. The electronic lock is configured to have a profile to replace the existing mechanical locks and includes a rotatable bolt receiving a sleeve. In a retained and locked position the sleeve is within the lock barrel and an operator is nested in a pocket in the barrel head. Upon receiving a command a motor rotates a cam and the sleeve is released to axially move to release the operator from the pocket for rotation of the sleeve and bolt to unlock the door. Sensors sense for fault conditions. Authentication is required to provoke the opening command Opening events may be logged at a system server or local memory.

Matthew J. Ward, Mark B. Gagner, Joel R. Jaffe

9489804 – Community gaming system with varying eligibility criteria

A computer-implemented method includes displaying a community game on at least one display device. Dependent upon a first player playing an underlying wagering game via a first terminal, the first player is permitted to participate in the community game. The community game is distinct from the underlying wagering game. Not dependent upon a second player playing an underlying wagering game via a second terminal, the second player is permitted to participate in the community game.

Michael V. Dicillo, Joseph G. Marcus

9489952 – Wagering game having seamless looping of compressed audio

Gapless looping playback of an audio sound seamlessly without any silence between loops. An uncompressed digital audio file is divided and encoded using an MP3 encoder to produce two encoded files, A and B. The MP3 encoder adds a padding delay at the beginning and end of each file. Two timers are defined: T1=A-(a+b) and T2=B-(d+c), where a is the padding delay at the end of A, b is the delay at the beginning of B, c is the delay at the beginning of A, and d is the delay at the end of B. Simultaneously, a decoder starts to decode A on Track 1 and T1 is started. Immediately after T1 expires, a decoder starts to decode B on Track 2 and T2 is started. Thanks to the timers, the respective end and beginning of the sound portions of A and B temporally align so that no silence is heard.

Scott Thomas Hilbert, Joseph Randall Hedrick, Ramesh Vivek

9489794 – Systems and methods for providing control of a wagering device using a smartphone or mobile device

Gaming systems and methods are set forth for players to link a player mobile communication device such as a Smart phone to a gaming terminal to present at the player mobile communication device display an auxiliary or substitute player interface for controlling the game.


Franco E. Crivelli

9489801 – Community gaming experience

A gaming environment may provide a user with a community gaming experience by providing, via a first interface at a first gaming machine, a display of a wagering game to a first player; determining an initial game outcome for a play of the wagering game by the first player, wherein the initial game outcome is a losing game outcome; based on the losing game outcome by the first player, receiving, from a second player, a selection of an option to wager on a final game outcome, the final game outcome being based in part on the losing game outcome; displaying, via a second interface at a second gaming machine, the final game outcome to the second player; and providing an award to the second player based on the final game outcome.

Jay S. Walker, Matthew P. Ellenthal

9489800 – Applications for gaming devices in a networked environment

A method comprises receiving a request from a gaming device to initiate a session of game play comprising a plurality of game plays to be played, and transmitting to the gaming device an amount of credit required to initiate a first game play of the session on the gaming device.

Mark C. Nicely

9489806 – Card game system and device having supplemental awards based on consecutive non-terminating outcomes

A card game includes a plurality of rounds playable upon at least one base wager and at least one supplemental wager. Each one of the rounds results in an outcome, where a base award is associated with at least one of the outcomes. A pattern condition is fulfillable when a pattern of the outcomes corresponds to one of a plurality of designated patterns. Different supplemental awards are provided based on the fulfillment of the pattern condition.


Donnell Lee Yarter

D771275 – Intermodal mobile storage container

The ornamental design of an intermodal mobile storage container, as shown and described.


Linda Allen, David Glenn Glover

9488326 – Battery powered indoor/outdoor decorative table and floor lamp and LED based light bulb

Provided is a lamp configured for both indoor use and outdoor use. The lamp may include several features to protect against conditions encountered during outdoor use, such as wind, precipitation, lack of external power, etc. The lamp also defines an aesthetically pleasing design to provide lighting during upscale outdoor events/celebrations, such as weddings, reunions, holiday events, or a private gathering in a backyard. The functional and aesthetic features of the lamp, such as the lamp’s capability of operating independent of a power cord while at the same time defining a stylish appearance, may additionally make the lamp desirable for use in indoor environments.


Robert V. Steele, Louise Lerman, Allen Brent York, Wilson Dau, Jacqueline Teng, Goerge Lerman

9488323 – Solid state lamp using light emitting strips

In one embodiment, an LED lamp has a generally bulb shape. The LEDs are low power types and axe encapsulated in thin, narrow, flexible strips. The LEDs are connected in series in the strips to drop a desired voltage. The strips are affixed to the outer surface of a bulb form to provide structure to the lamp. The strips are connected in parallel to a power supply, which may be housed in the lamp. Since many low power LEDs are used and are spread out over a large surface area, there is no need for a large metal heat sink. Further, the light emission is similar to that of an incandescent bulb. In other embodiment, there is no bulb form and the strips are bendable to have a variety of shapes. In another embodiment, a light sheet is bent to provide 360 degrees of light emission. Many other embodiments are described.


Michael Raymond Josiah, Joseph Dovi

9488932 – Method and system for converting a toner cartridge printer to a white, clear, or fluorescent toner printer

A method and system for converting a toner cartridge printer to a white, clear or fluorescent toner printer. The method may comprise the steps of: providing a printer having one or more toner printing cartridges; removing at least one of the one or more toner printing cartridges; providing one or more white, clear, or fluorescent toner printing cartridges; installing one or more white, clear, or fluorescent toner printing cartridges into the printer; using raster image processor software for printing cartridge remapping; and printing one or more toner print layers using the installed white, clear, or florescent toner printing cartridges in one pass.


Jonathan Jenkins

D771180 – Checkout station

The ornamental design for a checkout station, as shown and described.

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