• Netanel Tuvia Kovari

D772599 – Fin mounted surfboard rack

The ornamental design for a fin mounted surfboard rack, as shown and described.


•Juyeon Jo, Yoohwan Kim

9509682 – Obscuring usernames during a login process

In general, the subject matter described in this document can be embodied in methods, systems, and program products. A computing system receives a token that was specified during a process for logging into an account. The computing system determines whether the token matches any of a plurality of tokens that are assigned to a respective plurality of accounts. The computing system identifies, in response to determining that the token matches a particular token that is assigned to a particular one of the plurality of accounts, a username for the particular one of the plurality of accounts. The computing system provides information to cause a computer display to present the username and multiple other usernames in an obscured manner. The computing system receives an indication that user input selected the username. The computing system receives a password. The computing system provides authorization to log into the account.


• Satoshi Suda

9508230 – Gaming machine and methods of allowing a player to play a gaming machine having multiple games with the same reel

A gaming machine for providing multiple games to a player with the same reel is described herein. The gaming machine displays a first game that includes a first portion of a reel in a first display area and concurrently displays a second game that includes a second portion of the reel being displayed in a second display area. The gaming machine randomly generates an outcome of the first game and spins and stops the at least one reel to display the first game outcome in the first display area and awards the player an award as a function of the first game outcome.


• Jay S. Walker, James A. Jorasch, Russell P. Sammon

9508226 – Method and apparatus for bonus round play

Methods and apparatus are provided for enabling a player to take a tour of a secondary game at a game machine. In one embodiment, a method is provided that includes offering to enable entry of a player into a bonus round of a game machine in exchange for a fee, receiving the fee from the player, and enabling entry of the player into the bonus round. The method further includes receiving an indication of at least one player selection during the bonus round, and determining an outcome based on the at least one player selection. In other embodiments, the method includes providing a prize to the player based on the outcome.

• Glen Keith Russell, David Hollister, Scott Boyd, Richard J. Schneider, Jeffrey R. Jordan, Matt Glazier, Shannon Mason, Kevan Wilkins, Allan Legler

9508224 – Player specific network

Embodiments of the invention allow a player to have a unique gaming experience, different than other players, even when playing on the same network. A game may span several gaming sessions. States of a game, for example a bonus game, may be stored when the player decides to stop playing the game. When the player initiates a next gaming session, at the same or another location, the previous state of the game is re-loaded onto the gaming machine and the player returns to the previous state. Further, additional bonuses can be implemented because the network knows the identity and other information about the player. The additional bonuses may be unique to that player. Messages particular to a player are exchanged between a gaming device and a gaming network.

• Lee E. Cannon

9508223 – Method and apparatus for competitive bonus games based upon strategy or skill

The present invention relates to gaming systems and methods where enablement for play of a bonus game is linked to play of a primary game. A player may qualify for the bonus game by preselected criteria associated with play of the primary game. The qualified players may participate in the bonus game and compete against one another in one or more rounds to achieve a final winning outcome based on the individual player’s skill, strategy, or knowledge. The player who achieves the final winning outcome at the end of a plurality of rounds of the bonus game is awarded a bonus pool funded by a portion of wagers accumulated during play of the primary game.

• Jay S. Walker, Robert C. Tedesco

9508220 – Method and apparatus for influencing cash outs from a gaming device

A gaming device is described that provides a number of different methods for cashing out credit balances from a gaming device. These methods include providing incentives, such as benefits, to a player for selecting particular monetary forms in which to receive the cash out. Non-preferred cash out forms may be associated with disincentives, such as penalties, to dissuade players from selecting these types of monetary transfers. In certain embodiments, incentives and disincentives may be associated with a variety of available monetary forms for cash out.


• Jesse L. Garvey, Damon E. Gura, Jason A. Smith, Craig J. Sylla

9508219 – Dynamic management of wagering game availability

A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In some embodiments, the operations can include initiating, at a wagering game server, a secondary game for presentation on a wagering game machine. The secondary game may be associated with a primary wagering game being presented on the wagering game machine. The operations can also include detecting that the secondary game becomes unavailable for play while the secondary game is being presented on the wagering game machine, and determining identification information associated with a player of the primary wagering game and the secondary game. The operations can further include generating results for the secondary game associated with the player after the secondary game is available for play, and providing an award, depending on the secondary game results, to the player using the identification information.

• Ryan Ruppert

9508218 – Gaming system download network architecture

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a gaming system and method providing a game having a sub-symbol award evaluation. Generally, in various embodiments, if an outcome of a play of the game includes a set of one or more displayed designat


• Jason Mayeroff, Peter Lyons

9508217 – Gaming system and method of operation

A system for conducting gaming includes at least one gaming machine communicating with an award server. Optionally, the gaming machine communicates with the award server via a network server. A game is conducted at the gaming machine. A determination is made whether to issue an award from the award server. In an optional embodiment, the determination is random; in another optional embodiment, the determination is based on the outcome of the game. The award is issued from the award server, at least in part, based on data communicated between the gaming machine and the award server.


• Jay S. Walker, James A. Jorasch, Scott T. Friesen, Stephen C. Tulley, Geoffrey M. Gelman, Dean P. Alderucci

9508215 – Method and apparatus for gaming with alternate value payouts

Systems and methods are provided for permitting a player to play a game at a gaming device. The gaming device provides a payout for the game. The payout is redeemable for one of a plurality of values, and at least two of the plurality of values are different from each other. The values typically have different corresponding forms of payout, such as cash or merchandise credits.


• Robert M. Malone, Morris I. Kaufman

9507024 – Optic probe for multiple angle image capture and optional stereo imaging

A probe including a multiple lens array is disclosed to measure velocity distribution of a moving surface along many lines of sight. Laser light, directed to the moving surface is reflected back from the surface and is Doppler shifted, collected into the array, and then directed to detection equipment through optic fibers. The received light is mixed with reference laser light and using photonic Doppler velocimetry, a continuous time record of the surface movement is obtained. An array of single-mode optical fibers provides an optic signal to the multiple lens array. Numerous fibers in a fiber array project numerous rays to establish many measurement points at numerous different locations. One or more lens groups may be replaced with imaging lenses so a stereo image of the moving surface can be recorded. Imaging a portion of the surface during initial travel can determine whether the surface is breaking up.


• James V. Kelly, James P. Helgesen, Vladislav Zvercov, Feraidoon Bourbour, Robert J. Rynda

9504905 – Card shuffling device and calibration method

A playing card handling device comprises an elevator platform configured to receive one or more cards from an input platform to form a shuffled set of cards, a card gripper positioned above the elevator platform, and configured to grip cards from the shuffled set of cards, and a processor configured to control the elevator platform to have a grip position for the card gripper grip the shuffled set of cards, wherein the grip position is adjusted based, at least in part, on a correction value associated with a particular card insertion. A related method includes determining a grip position of an elevator platform of a card handling device based, at least in part, on a desired insertion location within a stack of shuffled cards as adjusted based on a corrective value that is different for a plurality of different insertion locations.


• Richard F. Gladney

9504332 – Hybrid mattress assemblies

Mattress assemblies that provide increased user comfort and increased airflow. The mattress assemblies generally include a multilayered mattress core including at least one coil spring layer disposed on and in direct contact with a viscoelastic foam layer.


• Joe B. Johnson Jr.

D772608 – Absorbent exercise mat

The ornamental design for a absorbent exercise mat, as shown and described.


• Elwood Grant Norris, Brian Alan Kappus, James Arthur Barnes

9510089 – Dynamic location determination for a directionally controllable parametric emitter

An ultrasonic audio system includes a location sensor includes a location tracking module configured to receive information from the location sensor and to determine a location of a listener in a listening environment; a time delay module configured to receive audio content and to generate a plurality of audio content signals, the generated audio content signals comprising a plurality of individual instances of the audio content signal each instance delayed in time relative to the other instances of the audio content signals; and an ultrasonic emitter comprising a plurality of electrically isolated sections, each section having an input electrically coupled to receive one of the individual instances of the audio content signal, and configured to emit an audio-modulated ultrasonic signal from each of the plurality of electrically isolated sections.


•Michael Richard Rusnack, Casey Alexander Harris, Marc Roger Hayden

9506811 – Method and apparatus for the multi-modal accurate temperature measurement and representation of temperature-controlled stored goods

Methods and systems for determining a temperature of goods in a temperature controlled unit are disclosed. Raw temperature data is received for a first iteration. The raw temperature data indicates an air temperature inside the temperature controlled unit at the first iteration. A property value for a good stored in the temperature controlled unit is obtained. Based on the raw temperature data for the first iteration and the property value for the good, a first adjusted stored goods temperature is determined for the good. The first adjusted stored goods temperature for the good represents a first internal temperature of the good. Additional iterations are performed, where raw temperature data is received for a second iteration. Based on the raw temperature for the second iteration and the property value for the good, a second adjusted stored goods temperature is determined.


•Chris Allen Broka, Ronald Charles Hawley

9505726 – Substituted biphenyl amides as P2X.sub.3 and P2X.sub.2/3 antagonists

Compounds of the formula I: ##STR00001## or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein, R.sup.1 is optionally substituted phenyl or optionally substituted pyridinyl, and R.sup.2, R.sup.3, R.sup.4, R.sup.5, R.sup.6, R.sup.7, R.sup.8 and R.sup.9 are as defined herein. Also disclosed are methods of using the compounds for treating diseases associated with P2X.sub.3 and/or a P2X.sub.2/3 receptor antagonists and methods of making the compounds.


• Nikolai Rulkov, Donald Brady, Mark Hunt, Sammy Elhag

9504393 – Monitoring Device, Method and system

A monitoring device (20) and method (200) for monitoring the health of a user is disclosed herein. The monitoring device (20) is preferably an article (25), an optical sensor (30), a circuitry assembly (35) a display member (40) and a control component (43). The monitoring device (20) preferably displays the following information about the user: pulse rate; calories expended by the user of a pre-set time period; target zones of activity; time; and distance traveled.

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