•Kenta Kitamura, Tatsuya Teranishi, Akira Osawa

9514616 – Gaming machine capable of improving amusingness

The present invention provides a gaming machine capable of improving amusingness of a game by varying the continuity of the main game. According to the present invention, a normal mode game in the normal mode is started based on an input of the bet information from the bet input device; the mode is entered from the normal mode to the chance mode when an enter condition is satisfied as a result of referring to the predetermined symbol determination table in the normal mode; a free game is started as a chance mode game in the chance mode; and the mode is returned from the chance mode to the normal mode when an end condition is satisfied as a result of referring to the specific symbol determination table in the chance mode.


•Michael L. Obradovich

9511765 – System and method for parking an automobile

In a control and management system for automobiles, a central processor in the system connects traditionally unrelated vehicle subsystems together to realize synergistic functions such as smart driving, automatic parking, etc. A master interface having a display is employed in the system to help a user control and manage the vehicle functions.


•Hamid Shayesteh

9514610 – Resonant gaming chip identification system and method

A system and method for a gaming chip identification system are disclosed. Briefly described, one embodiment comprises a plurality of gaming chips, each gaming chip operable to emit a respective unique electromagnetic signature in response to incident non-optical electromagnetic radiation, a computer-readable medium that stores information indicative of the electromagnetic signatures of at least a number of the plurality of gaming chips, and a processor-based system configured to verify that the electromagnetic signature from an interrogated gaming chip in an interrogation zone is a member of the plurality of gaming chips.

•James V. Kelly, Vladislav Zvercov, Brian Miller

9511274 – Methods for automatically generating a card deck library and master images for a deck of cards, and a related card processing apparatus

A method of automatically generating a calibration file for a card handling device comprises automatically generating a calibration file stored in memory of a main control system for a card handling device. Automatically generating the calibration file comprises identifying at least one parameter associated with a rank area around a rank of the at least a portion of the card, identifying at least one parameter associated with a suit area around a suit of the at least a portion of the card, and storing the at least one parameter associated with the rank area and the at least one parameter associated with the suit area in the calibration file. Additionally, a method of automatically generating deck libraries for one or more decks of cards comprises automatically generate a plurality of master images for the cards of the first deck type using the parameters from the calibration file.

•Jeremy Hornik

9514606 – Wagering game with mystery bonus triggers

Methods, apparatus and systems for triggering a bonus game with a wagering game machine are described. A bonus triggering module is used for adjusting a payout frequency to trigger one or more bonus games. In some embodiments, the bonus triggering module uses a player selection to trigger a bonus game. In various embodiments, occurrences of hidden events are generated to mystery trigger a bonus game. Wagering game machines according to the various embodiments of the invention are also disclosed.

•Martin S. Lyons, Roderick Ang, Brett Jackson, Joseph Randy Hedrick

9511291 – System and method for enhanced augmented reality tracking

Disclosed is a method for enabling an augmented reality tracking system and a mobile device to display augmented reality by overlaying a virtual 3D object over a physical 3D object. The method includes: enabling a user to capture a live camera image of a 3D object via camera on the mobile device; determining if there are image tags on the 3D object in the live camera image; using the one or more image tags to access information used by the augmented reality system; and overlaying virtual 3D objects onto a live camera image of the virtual 3D object on a display of the mobile device to produce augmented reality effects, wherein the augmented reality tracking system establishes a communication channel with the gaming machine enabling additional elements of the game to be augmented on the mobile device, and elements of the game content to be influenced by the augmented state.

•Paul M. Lesley, Christian L. Castro, Robert J. Glenn II, Larry J. Pacey, Walter E. Smolucha, Christopher W. Chudek

9514599 – Modular gaming terminal configurations

Gaming machines, gaming systems, module systems for providing gaming machines, and methods for assembling modular gaming machines are disclosed. A module system is disclosed for providing gaming machines for conducting wagering games. The module system includes first and second display modules each with distinct dimensions and a respective display device operable to display randomly selected outcomes of a wagering game. The module system also includes first and second sets of outer fascia elements, and a core module with a housing that attaches to and supports the display modules, one at a time. Mounting the first display module and first set of fascia elements onto the core housing provides one distinct gaming machine configuration with a distinct appearance and footprint, whereas mounting the second display module and second set of fascia elements onto the core housing provides another distinct gaming machine configuration with a distinct appearance and/or footprint.


•Henry Valentino III, Robert Conde, Travis Whidden, Jeremiah Morrill

9514614 – Real time playing card valuation

Technologies and implementations for determining advantages in a card game via a video capture device are generally disclosed.


•Andrew J. Schwartz

9514597 – Gaming chip and system for use therewith

A computer-implemented interactive system and methods allowing for the tracking, management, and reporting of casino smart chips are provided. In an illustrative implementation a casino smart chip environment comprises a casino smart chip management engine, and instruction set comprising at least one instruction to instruct the casino smart chip engine to process data representative of the activation, tracking, monitoring, and/or reporting of one or more casino smart chips. In the illustrative implementation, the one or more casino smart chips can comprise one or more operative components comprising any of a communications component (e.g., radio frequency identification (RFID) component), a display component, a monetary value store, and a unique identifier store. Operatively, the exemplary casino smart chip engine can track, store, and report data representative of the authentication, commissioning, draw down, decommissioning, and use of the smart casino chip in casino and non-casino activities.


•Daniel J. De Waal, Anthony J. Baerlocher, Cameron A. Filipour

9514270 – Gaming system, gaming device, and method for providing benefit in a future play of a wagering game

On embodiment of the gaming system: receives a base wager from a player for a play of a wagering game; enables the player to select to cause a modifier to be applied to the play of the wagering game or the modifier to not be applied to the play of the wagering game; displays an outcome of the play of the wagering game; if the outcome is a losing outcome and if the player caused the modifier to be applied to the play of the wagering game, reset the modifier; if the outcome is the losing outcome and if the player caused the modifier to not be applied to the play of the wagering game, increase the modifier; if the outcome is a winning outcome and the player caused the modifier to not be applied to the play of the wagering game, provide a first award to player based on the winning outcome and the base wager, and reset the modifier; and if the outcome is a winning outcome and the player caused the modifier to be applied to the play of the wagering game provide a second different award to the player based on the winning outcome, the base wager, and the modifier, and reset the modifier.

•David M. Oles, Aaron T. Jones

9514613 – Gaming device having a graduated multiplier payout in a secondary game

An apparatus and method for a secondary game of a wagering gaming system, and particularly the increase of an award in the secondary game by the value of different multipliers associated with different amounts wagered in a primary game. A secondary game provides a total award to a player based on the multiplier associated with the wagered amount in the primary game by applying the multiplier to the amount of the award earned by the player in the secondary game. A particular wagerable amount may be associated with a multiplier that is predetermined, or randomly selected from a group of predefined multipliers, or selected from a group based on a probability. The range of possible combinations of wagerable amounts and multipliers are displayed to the player in the base game to provide an incentive to maximize the wager.

•Jean-Marie Gatto, Thierry Brunet De Courssou

9514598 – Method and system for time gaming with skill wagering opportunities

A gaming machine includes a primary game that includes a plurality of primary wagering opportunities and a plurality of additional wagering opportunities that are unrelated to the primary wagering opportunities. The primary game may be active for a predetermined period of time determined by a credit of playing time purchased by the player. One or more of the plurality of additional wagering opportunities may be contextually triggered and made available to the player following occurrence of respective predetermined events occurring within the primary game during the game session or following events external to the gaming machine.

•Leandro Basallo, Rachael A. Bristol, Scott A. Caputo, Mark C. Nicely

9514601 – Gaming system and method for providing a streaming symbols game

In various embodiments, the gaming system disclosed herein provides streaming symbols game which utilizes a single continuous series or chain of symbols and a plurality of symbol display positions which form a path. Specifically, in various embodiments, the gaming system displays the chain of symbols continuously moving through the path of symbol display positions wherein which symbols are evaluated for any awards corresponds to when the chain of symbols stops moving along the path.

•Mark C. Nicely, Carmen Tan, Alan R. Weiss

9514605 – Gaming system, gaming device and method for providing a multiple player, multiple game bonusing environment with a multiple player coin drop game

A gaming system and method for exchanging one or more triggered individual bonus games for one or more current plays of a community game or one or more future plays of a community game. If an individual bonus game is triggered in association with an individual gaming device, the gaming system enables the player to: (i) play the triggered individual bonus game, (ii) skip the individual bonus game and play or participate in a community or group game, or (iii) skip the individual bonus game and save an entry to play or participate in a future community or group game. In these embodiments, the gaming system determines one or more features or attributes of the available community game (which the player may play or defer play of) based, at least in part, on which of a plurality of different individual bonus games are triggered.

•Scott A. Caputo, Jon M. Leupp

9514611 – Gaming system and method for providing a game with unlockable features

In various embodiments, the present disclosure relates generally to gaming systems and methods for providing unlockable features and/or unlockable content. In such embodiments, the gaming system includes a plurality of initially unlocked features or content and a plurality of initially locked features or content, wherein as the player advances or progresses during the play of one or more games, zero, one or more previously locked features or content become unlocked.

•Thierry Brunet de Courssou, Cameron Anthony Filipour, Adam Singer, Alexander Popovich

9514596 – Method and system for time gaming with skill wagering opportunities

A regulated skill-based game includes a plurality of reward generating assets configured such that successful player interactions therewith increase the player’s score and give rise to wagers whose outcomes are randomly determined. The amount of the wager may be a function of a time elapsed since the last wager was placed. The regulated game may be configured such that a predetermined duration of game play time thereon is purchased for a predetermined amount of money. A first portion of the predetermined amount of money funds the wagers and a second portion thereof funds a progressive jackpot to be awarded to a player having earned the highest score that is not been exceeded after a predetermined point in time. The regulated game is further configured to award credits when the randomly determined outcome is a reward generating outcome. Both the score of the skill-based game and awarded credits may be shown onscreen.


•Michelle Macartney

9514158 – Methods, devices, and mediums associated with generating a change history listing associated with a value of information

In an example, an electronic device may be configured to determine whether a selection is received to display a change history corresponding to a value of information. The electronic device may be configured to generate a change history listing of at least one change instance corresponding to the value of the information in response to determining that the selection is received.


•Dale F. McIntyre, Kevin M. Gobeyn

9513773 – Image display system related-information-access tabs

A data processing device for providing access to information related to a digital image record includes a display for presenting the digital image record. A user interface system receives an indication of user interaction with the displayed digital image record. A data processing system responsive to the received indication presents tab on the display. The tab displays or emanates near or from an edge of the displayed digital image record or from an edge of a displayed digital image record container including the digital image record. The tab includes an access point configured to allow a user to access a category of information related to content contained within the digital image record, and the tab is labeled according to the category of information for user access.


•Christian Daoud, Mohammad Naghi Ghasemi-Nejhad

9511930 – Light-weight composite cargo container and method of use

A lightweight cargo container and methods of use, assembly, and repair are disclosed herein. Individual panels, frame components, base, and joints may be customized with composite materials to further improve strength-to-weight ratio. Some embodiments provide for a simplified manufacturing and assembly of cargo container, through standardization, while improving cost, time-to-produce, durability, and strength-to-weight ratios. The embodiments described herein provide a significant weight savings for all cargo containers, modern present-day composite containers included.


•Robert D. Allison III

9511319 – Particulate air pollution control

A system for large-scale, distributed remediation of particulate air pollution using existing building HVAC cooling towers is described herein. The system consists of a generator section which captures, redirects, and accelerates exhaust air from a cooling tower, a venturi inlet and nozzle, and at least one air scrubber stage. In another embodiment, a portion of the exhaust air from an HVAC cooling tower fan is used to draw atmospheric air directly into a scrubber unit that fits compactly at the top of the exhaust assembly of the cooling tower.


•Richard Allen Hunter

9512604 – System and method of use for removing waste odor proximate a toilet

A toilet odor removal system and method of use uses an air intake member connected to an air exit member with a fan member attached to the air exit member. When installed, the air intake member is inside the toilet tank and the air exit member is outside of the toilet tank so that the air in the toilet tank and toilet bowl may be evacuated therefrom by activating the fan member to draw the air from both the toilet tank and toilet bowl via the passageway from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl or water overflow tube in communication with a toilet tank. A toilet tank water supply line runs through the air intake member and air exit member.

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