Ryohei Kono, Yoshinari Mitani, Toshiaki Ohkubo, Shigeki Hayashi, Hiroki Abe, Takanori Sakata

9569914–Gaming machine with a predetermined number of symbols scrolled for display prior to wild symbol and having a predetermined background color and control method thereof

A slot machine includes a display on which symbols are rearranged in partitioned regions arranged in a matrix pattern including a plurality of columns and rows. The display includes a plurality of display windows corresponding to the respective columns for each unit game. In each of the display windows, for each slot game, executed is video display in which a symbol array having a plurality of symbols arranged therein is scrolled in an arrangement direction of the symbols. By this video display, the symbols arranged in the partitioned regions are rearranged in the slot game. When a feature game trigger is established during the slot game, an additional “WILD” symbol is inserted into the symbol array. The symbols in each symbol array have background images, respectively. The background images of a predetermined number of consecutive symbols immediately upstream of the “WILD” symbol are displayed in a predetermined color, and the background images of the other symbols are displayed in a normal color.


Michael L. Obradovich

9571449–Techinque for operating a vehicle effectively and safely

A control system is employed in a vehicle to assist a user to operate the vehicle effectively and safely. In accordance with the invention, the system provides driving assistance to the user by taking into account the user’s physical condition, the vehicle condition and the surrounding conditions. The surrounding conditions include, e.g., road, weather and traffic conditions, external to the vehicle. The vehicle condition concerns the conditions of the brakes, steering, tires, radiator, etc. of the vehicle. Signs of fatigue, stress and illness of the user are monitored by the control system to assess the user’s physical condition.


Michael W. Mastropietro, Allon G. Englman

9569936–Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with symbol clumps and non-uniform weighting of reel positions

Gaming devices, gaming systems, methods of conducting wagering games, and computer programs for executing wagering games are disclosed. A gaming system is disclosed which includes one or more processors and one or more memory devices storing instructions that, when executed by at least one of the processors, cause the gaming system to: receive a wager to play a wagering game with symbol-bearing reels, each of which has distinct reel positions populated by various symbols, at least one reel bearing a symbol clump; and, display via a display device a randomly determined outcome of the wagering game. Each wagering-game outcome includes predetermined symbols occupying distinct array positions in a displayed array. Each reel position has a weighted probability of occupying an array position in the array. The weighted probabilities are configured such that the symbol clump, when part of a wagering-game outcome, can only land in its entirety in the array.


Robert T. Bigelow

9567116–Docking node transporter tug

A docking node transporter tug is disclosed. The tug can dock with various spacecraft to allow access by people between the spacecraft. Further, the tug may dock with other specialty tugs to form a custom system.


Steven M. Hoffberg, Linda I. Hoffberg-Borghesani

RE46310–Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system

An adaptive interface for a programmable system, for predicting a desired user function, based on user history, as well as machine internal status and context. The apparatus receives an input from the user and other data. A predicted input is presented for confirmation by the user, and the predictive mechanism is updated based on this feedback. Also provided is a pattern recognition system for a multimedia device, wherein a user input is matched to a video stream on a conceptual basis, allowing inexact programming of a multimedia device. The system analyzes a data stream for correspondence with a data pattern for processing and storage. The data stream is subjected to adaptive pattern recognition to extract features of interest to provide a highly compressed representation which may be efficiently processed to determine correspondence. Applications of the interface and system include a VCR, medical device, vehicle control system, audio device, environmental control system, securities trading terminal, and smart house. The system optionally includes an actuator for effecting the environment of operation, allowing closed-loop feedback operation and automated learning.


Bradley N. Eckert, Huan Truong, Bryon K. Eckert

9572241–Devices for creating non-thermal plasma and ozone

A plurality of non-thermal plasma emitters is disposed on a rigid or flexible substrate. The rigid substrate enables the device to be pre-formed in any shape and the flexible substrate enables the device to conform to any surface topography at the time of treatment. The substrate is a dielectric material and in a preferred embodiment is made of thin FR-4. Each of the plasma emitters has a drive electrode on one side of the substrate and a ground electrode on the opposing side of the substrate. In the preferred embodiment both electrodes are centered over a through-hole in the substrate. A conductive drive track is connected to each drive electrode and a conductive ground track is connected to each ground electrode. A drive terminal is connected to the drive track and a ground terminal is connected to the ground track.


Anthony J. Baerlocher, Alexander Casey Naglestad Cohen, Arram Bekarian, Daniel DeWaal

9569930– Gaming system and method for providing an additional gaming currency

A gaming system including a central server linked to a plurality of gaming machines. The gaming system includes a point or count based system to provide one or more awards to one or more players. Such points are accumulated by a player based on one or more events associated with the player’s gaming experience. The points or counts utilized in the gaming system are selectively redeemed by the player in exchange for one or more opportunities to win an award. It should be appreciated that in one embodiment, the equalizing units disclosed herein are different, separate and independent from any monetary based points or credits, any promotional based points or credits, or any player tracking points.

Jay Chun

9566500–Gaming table system permitting play of a shared player hand by multiple players

An electronic gaming table for hosting live table games involving wagers can include a physical surface, a dealer station, a plurality of player terminals, and a table controller. The physical surface permits the play of live table games with a live dealer and physical game components. The dealer station is situated proximate the physical surface and allows the presence of a live dealer who facilitates game play. Player terminals allow live players to play the games and include player terminal processors coupled to player interfaces having input and output devices. A table controller coupled to the player terminals controls various table functions and administers a live table game pitting a first hand against a second hand. Each of multiple live players can make different live game decisions independently based upon the same second hand, wherein resolution of the game varies by player depending upon the different live game decisions.

Mark C. Nicely, Bryan D. Wolf

9569932–Central determination gaming system and method for providing a persistence game with predetermined game outcomes

gaming system which provides a persistence game which utilizes predetermined game outcomes. One or more predetermined game outcomes include a persistence game award value. If a predetermined game outcome including such a persistence game award value is selected to be provided to the player in association with a current play of a primary game, the gaming system determines whether to provide this persistence game award value to a player in association with the current play of the primary game, or to store this persistence game award value to be subsequently provided to a player in association with a subsequent play of the primary game. The determination of whether to provide or store the persistence game award value is based on the then current progress of the persistence game (i.e., the current state of an accumulation meter).

Steven G. LeMay, Dwayne A. Davis, Dwayne R. Nelson

9569921–Player driven game download to a gaming machine

A service window may be provided to a gaming machine, such as a video slot machine, video poker machine, or similar electronic device. The service window may include an option to request an available game for download. A request for the game may be received via the service window and the game may be provided to the gaming machine.


John F. Acres

9569926–Discounted credits as incentive to play gaming devices

In the present embodiments, offering credits for gaming machine play in excess of the cash used to purchase the credits may incentivize various player behaviors. Such behaviors may include remote enrollment in the player-tracking system—and payment for the credits—via a web browser; wagering a minimum amount; and wagering within a predefined time period.


Harry G. Cocolas, Christin P. Hollis

9566248–Encased-pellet tablets

An encased-pellet tablet for an active pharmaceutical ingredient comprises an excipient layer on the outside and an inner core that is surrounded by the excipient layer. The inner core contains a plurality of coated pellets, and the coated pellets comprise pellets of the active pharmaceutical ingredient coated with a pellet coating. The excipient layer contains from about 1 wt. % to about 20 wt. % of at least one cushioning agent selected from polyhydroxyl compounds. A method for manufacturing the encased-pellet tablets involves compressing an excipient material to form a first layer; compressing a plurality of coated pellets containing an API on said first layer to form an inner core thereon and compressing additional excipient material around an exposed portion of said inner core thereby surrounding said inner core with excipient material.


Esther Sacks, Elayne Kollins

D778607–Combined storage container and goose neck mirror

The ornamental design for a combined storage container and goose neck mirror, as shown and described.

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