• Olav Christensen

No. 9459458 – Transparent sound dampening projection screen

Abstract: The invention generally provides a transparent projection screen material with sound dampening properties and methods for using a screen to manipulate light and sound. Methods and materials of the invention can improve live sound and sound recordings by inhibiting ambient sound from reaching listeners or microphones and reducing feedback.


• Leon Garcia-Martinez, Anne Elisabeth Carvalho Jens, Katie Olson, Ben Dutzar, John Lathan, Brina Kovacevich, Jeffrey T.L. Smith, Mark Litton, Randall Schatzman

No. 9452227 – Methods of treating or diagnosing conditions associated with elevated IL-6 using anti-IL-6 antibodies or fragments

Abstract: The invention relates to the use of anti-IL-6 antibodies or antibody fragments containing a specific epitopic specificity to treat conditions involving elevated Il-6. In some embodiments the anti-IL-6 antibodies contain specific CDRs.


• Masumi Fujisawa, Takeshisa Itagaki, Yoichi Kato, Diasyun Okamoto, Hiroki Munakata

No. 9454876 – Gaming machine which rearranges symbols after varying and displaying the symbols

Abstract: Provided is a gaming machine capable of enhancing entertainment characteristics of the gaming machine. On the gaming machine 1, a game outcome is that after undergoing a process in which trigger symbols whose number is one short of a number of a combination of symbols which triggers a bonus game are rearranged, the plurality of symbols are finally rearranged, an operation of cancelling predictive presentation effects is deactivated until the predictive presentation effects have been finished.


• Attila Grauzer, David B. Lopez

No. 9452346 – Method and apparatus for using upstream communication in a card shuffler

Abstract: A security system for a casino table card game has a casino table with i) indicia thereon for the placement of wagers, ii) a data entry system with an associated computer, and iii) sensors that can detect the placement of at least one specific category of wager; a shuffling device with a microprocessor integral to the shuffler for providing information regarding cards or hands; a central table gaming computer that receives information from the shuffler in real time, receives information from the sensors, and receives information from the data entry system, the associated computer, the microprocessor and the central table gaming computer communicating data among each other in real time.

• Oliver M. Schubert, Attila Grauzer, Justin G. Downs III, James V. Kelly

No. 9452349 – Modular dealing shoe for casino table card games

Abstract: A playing card delivery shoe used in the play of the casino table card game of blackjack. The shoe may include an area for receiving a first set of playing cards, a first card mover that moves playing cards from the first set of playing cards to a playing card staging area, a second playing card mover that moves playing cards from the playing card staging area to a delivery area, and playing card-reading sensors that read at least one playing card value of each playing card separately after each playing card has been removed from the area for receiving the first set of playing cards and before removal from the playing card delivery area. A processor analyzes the data and displays certain game-related data on a display device. Methods of providing cards to a dealer in a casino table card game of blackjack are disclosed.

• Jerome Carpenter, James E. Motyl, Craig J. Sylla, Muthu Velu

No. 9454870 – Analyzing wireless signals in wagering game environments

Abstract: Systems and methods for analyzing wireless signals in a wagering game environment are described herein. In some embodiment, a wagering game machine includes a wagering game unit configured to present wagering games. The wagering game machine can also include a network interface configured to exchange, with other devices on a wagering game network, information about the wagering games. The wagering game machine can also include a wireless signal detection device configured to detect wireless signals in a wagering game environment and to create wireless signal data for use in determining whether the wireless signals interfere with wireless communications of the wagering game network.

• Mark L. Yoselofff, David Pororny, Feraidoon Bourbour, James R. Robert

No. 9454875 – Methods for variable contribution progressive jackpots

Abstract: Methods and apparatuses for variable contribution multiple progressive jackpot games are disclosed. A variable contribution rate is determined as a function of a wager level. A contribution amount is determined by multiplying each wager by its corresponding contribution rate. The contribution amount is then added to at least two jackpot meters.

• Alfred Thomas

No. 9460582 – Wagering game having display arrangement formed by an image conduit

Abstract: A gaming system for conducting a wagering game comprises a display device and an image conduit. The display device develops or includes images of symbols associated with the wagering game. The image conduit is located in front of the display device and has a first end and a second end. The image conduit transmits the images from the second end to the first end of the image conduit. The images of the symbols appear at the first end such that a player perceives the symbols to be located at the first end of the image conduit. The display device can be a physical object with symbol indicia or a video display for displaying video images.

• Brina J. Barclay, Andrew C. Guinn, Richard B. Robbins

No. 9460584 – Controlling wagering game play continuation

Abstract: A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In embodiments, the operations can include a recording of a first wagering game content from a first wagering game played during a wagering game session and generating an electronic (e.g., an “e-mail”) message, after the wagering game session ends. The operations can also include embedding in the electronic message an object that provides access to a second wagering game content. The second wagering game content includes a recording of the first wagering game. The operations can further include sending the electronic message to an electronic address for a wagering game player account associated with the wagering game session, and detecting access to the second wagering game content, via the electronic message. The second wagering game content can re-present the portion of the first wagering game content as part of the second wagering game content.

• Bryan Kelly, Martin Lyons

No. RE46169 – Unified image display for a video terminal including a gaming machine


• Laura E. Cohen

No. 9456967 – Composition containing a cellulose derived capsule with a sunscreen

Abstract: A sunscreen composition comprised of one or more sunscreen active agents encapsulated in a cellulose derived capsule wherein the composition can contain one or more additional agents. A sunscreen composition can be mixed with a bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, gel, soap, cream, hand sanitizer, spray or mousse and can be used by an individual during their normal hygiene processes, such as during a shower or bath or while applying a body product to their skin or hair.

• Laura E. Cohen

No. 9456968 – Composition containing a cellulose derived capsule with a sunscreen

Abstract: A sunscreen composition comprised of one or more sunscreen active agents encapsulated in a cellulose derived capsule wherein the composition can contain one or more additional agents. A sunscreen composition can be mixed with a bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, gel, soap, cream, hand sanitizer, spray or mousse and can be used by an individual during their normal hygiene processes, such as during a shower or bath or while applying a body product to their skin or hair.


• Robert Kayvon

No. D767818 – Vaporizer

Abstract: The ornamental design for a vaporizer, as shown and described.

• Robert Rayvon, Carlos Gomez Garay

No. D767819 – Vaporizer

Abstract: We claim the ornamental design for a vaporizer, as shown and described.


• Kurt Koerner, Gregory L. Ellison

No. 9451743 – Rotating induction grow light system

Abstract: A rotating induction growth light system and method are disclosed. The rotating induction growth light includes a mounting bracket assembly and a light source assembly rotatably coupled to the mounting bracket assembly. The light source assembly has a first side subassembly and a second side sub assembly opposite the first side subassembly. The light source assembly is configured to rotate between a first position wherein the first side subassembly is facing away from the mounting bracket assembly and at least a second position wherein the second subassembly is facing away from the mounting bracket assembly. A method of providing light to a plant is disclosed, including: directing a vegetative side subassembly of a light source assembly toward a plant; and rotating the light source assembly until a flowering side subassembly is directed toward the plant, the flowering side subassembly positioned on the light source assembly opposite the vegetative side subassembly.


• David Hugh Muir, Binh T. Nguyen

No. 9454872 – Adventure sequence activities

Abstract: Some implementations of the invention provide methods and devices for various types of adventure sequences that preferably involve, at least in part, wagering games. Such sequences may involve wagering and/or other games at a plurality of gaming devices, tables and/or gaming establishments. Some implementations provide a virtual gaming experience wherein one or more other environments (e.g., environments that include gaming establishments) are simulated at a single location. Accordingly, adventure sequences described herein may comprise stages in one or more virtual environments, stages in one or more real environments or a combination of the two. Virtual players, also referred to herein as player game agents (“PGAs”), may act on behalf of real players. A PGA may be able to play games autonomously, e.g., when the associated player is at a different location and/or is not aware of the PGA’s current activities. PGAs may be enabled to negotiate on behalf of real players, e.g., for comps, better pay table percentages, etc.

• Jay S. Walker, Russell P. Sammon, Stephen Tulley, Daniel E. Tedesco, Robert C. Tedesco, Jeffrey Y. Hayashida

No. 9457269 – Method and apparatus for displaying gaming content

Abstract: A method comprises receiving an indication of a triggering event at a gaming device, determining a gaming content associated with the gaming device, identifying a public display on which is displayed non-gaming media content, and outputting the gaming content on the public display wherein the gaming content supersedes at least a portion of the non-gaming media content.

• Nicole Beaulieu, Steven G. LeMay, Jamal Benbrahim

No. 9460583 – Gaming method and gaming apparatus with in-game player stimulation

Abstract: A method for operating a gaming apparatus includes displaying a set of stopped reels in place of one or more spinning reels, each stopped reel having at least one symbol thereon and the total number of stopped reels being less than the total number of reels originally spinning. The method also includes determining an in-game outcome associated with a configuration of the symbols on the set of stopped reels, and providing an in-game stimulation selected from the group consisting of a 3-dimensional aural stimulation, a visual stimulation, a value stimulation and a physical stimulation according to the in-game outcome. The method further includes displaying stopped reels in place of all of the spinning reels, determining a game outcome associated with the configuration of the symbols on all of the stopped reels, and determining a value payout based on the game outcome. The apparatus is also included.

• Ross D. Wenker, Thomas W. Allen II, Thomas J. Humphrey, Bryan D. Wolf

No. 9460585 – Keno board ball reduction and reel keno

Abstract: Methods and systems are provided keno game play. A keno board is displayed showing a set of available spots. A player selection of a plurality of player selected spots is received. A set of removed spots to be removed from play is determined from the set of available spots. A plurality of drawn spots is selected from at least some of the set of available spots, where the plurality of drawn spots exclude the set of removed spots.

• Brian F. Saunders, Mark C. Nicely, Benjamin J. Zoltewicz

No. 9460587 – Gaming system and method for providing a cascading symbol game with shifting symbols in different directions between multiple symbol display position matrices

Abstract: A gaming system including a cascading symbol game which utilizes a plurality of symbol display position matrices and a plurality of different directions of symbol movement. Each symbol display position matrix includes a plurality of symbol display positions. At least one of the symbol display position matrices includes one or more symbol display positions linked to or otherwise associated with one or more symbol display positions of at least another of the symbol display position matrices. If the gaming system determines that one or more symbols will be repositioned from one or more symbol display positions of one symbol display position matrix to one or more linked symbol display positions of another symbol display position matrix, the gaming system determines a direction of movement of such symbols.

• Gandolf G. Hudlow, Eugene T. Bond, Adam J. Thompson

No. 9462081 – Cloud based virtual environment validation

Abstract: Techniques for providing on-demand validation services for wager-based virtual machines deployed in a cloud based virtual environment. In some implementations, data sources store master deployment sets containing virtual machines. The master deployment sets may be deployed to component servers to provide a gaming related software services to remote client machines. The on-demand service takes snapshots of the virtual machines in the deployment and the virtual machines in the master deployment set. The snapshots are compared to ensure that important files in the master deployment set have not been improperly modified in the deployment. In some implementations, a secure hashing algorithm creates signatures for the snapshots prior to the comparison and the signatures are compared. The validation result may be sent to a remote client that requested the validation.


• Ting-Yee Liao, Kenneth Alan Parulski, Timothy L. Nichos

No. 9454280 – Display device providing feedback based on image classification

Abstract: A digital image display device comprising: a display screen; a processor; a network connection for receiving digital media assets provided by a plurality of individuals; an image memory; a user interface for receiving input from a user of the digital image display device; and a program memory. The program memory stores instructions to execute the steps of: receiving a digital media asset; displaying the received digital media asset on the display screen; determining an asset classification for the displayed digital media asset; selecting a set of classified feedback message choices responsive to the determined asset classification; displaying the selected set of feedback message choices, receiving input from the user to select a particular feedback message choice; and providing an indication of the selected feedback message to the individual who provided the displayed digital media asset.

• John R. Fredlund, Kenneth A. Parulski, Robert M. Guidash, Kevein E. Spaulding, Frank Razavi

No. 9462181 – Imaging device for capturing self-portrait images

Abstract: A digital camera for capturing an image containing the photographer, comprising: an image sensor; an optical system for forming an image of a scene on the image sensor; a processor for processing the output of the image sensor in order to detect the presence of one or more faces in a field of view of the digital camera; a feedback mechanism for providing feedback to the photographer while the photographer is included within the field of view, responsive to detecting at least one face in the field of view, and a means for initiating capture of a digital image of the scene containing the photographer.

• John N. Border, Ronald S. Cok, Amy D. Enge, Andrew F. Kurtz, Joseph A. Manico, Lynn Schilling-Benz, Peter O. Stubler, Frances C. Williams

No. 9462222 – Portable video communication system

Abstract: A method and device for adapting a display image on a hand-held portable wireless display and digital capture device. The device includes a camera for capturing a digital video and/or still image of a user, means for adjusting the captured digital image in response to poor image capture angle of said image capture device so as to create a modified captured digital image; and means for transmitting said modified captured digital image over a wireless communication network to a second hand-held portable wireless display and digital capture device.


• Jeffrey George, Edward Sepich, Thomas E. Soukup

No. 9452351 – Gaming machine with proximity sensing touchless display

Abstract: A device for providing a proximity sensing touchless display to a gaming machine is provided. The device includes a processor, a display coupled to the processor, and a touchless input interface coupled to the processor and being implemented by the display for receiving input from the player. The input interface employs proximity sensing technology, such as but not limited to proximity button activation. For example, the display can be operable to sense a player’s approaching finger entering an electrical field (e.g., corresponding to one or more electrodes) such that a particular button or function on the interface can be activated without the player’s finger having to ever physically contact a button, push pad, keypad, touch screen, and/or the like.

• Edward Sepich, Norio Tone

No. 9452359 – Multipurpose EGM/player tracking device and system

Abstract: A system and method provides gaming related and player/gaming attendant related services to a plurality EGM. Each EGM has an associated multipurpose EGM/player tracking device. Each multipurpose EGM/player tracking device has first and second ports. The first port couples the respective multipurpose EGM/player tracking device to the respective EGM using a communications link. The first port of one of the multipurpose EGM/player tracking devices may utilize a different communications protocol than another one of the advance player tracking device. A server computer is coupled the multipurpose EGM/player tracking devices using a system communications protocol through system communications links. The server computer provides gaming and player/gaming attendant services to users of the EGMs.


• Darek Easterly, David A. Boyle, David Leland Preece, Jennifer Ada Broadbent, Leslie J. Silver, Marcus Isaac Daley

No. 9454854 – Inspection reporting including a 3D vehicle model

Abstract: In one embodiment, a visual reporting system generates a 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vehicle inspection report comprising 3D model data and inspection data for a particular vehicle. The inspection data, such as recommended repair items, are associated with graphical vehicle sections in the 3D model. Further, additional inspection data, such as instructional videos or inspection photographs, can be provided to a user desiring additional detail. By providing an interactive visual representation of inspection data, the 3D inspection report provides a report that can be customized to provide different levels of detail to different users. In addition, the 3D model can provide a visually compact summary of the inspection data by marking on the 3D model the repair items for the vehicle. Use of the 3D inspection report can raise the likelihood that the vehicle owner understands the need for repair, leading to more repair orders for repair facilities.


• Wallace Weston Warren, David E. Tupman

No. 9457122 – Enhanced photo-catalytic cells

Abstract: According to an embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus for ionizing air includes a first reflector and a first target. The first reflector receives direct UV energy (from a UV emitter) and reflects it to form reflected UV energy. The first target has an inner face that also receives direct UV energy (from the UV emitter). The first target also has an outer face that receives the reflected UV energy from the first reflector. The faces of the first target are coated with a photo-catalytic coating. The first target may also have passages between the faces.


• Michael L. Obradovich

No. 9460100 – System and method for audio and video portable publishing system

Abstract: A system that allows consumers to manage content and create audio/video presentations in a small portable media device, and to share media files with other users of small portable media devices, without requiring access to a computer.


• Samuel M. Song, Junghyun Kwon, Jongkyu Lee, Douglas P. Boyd

No. 9460823 – Dynamic beam aperture control to reduce radiation dose using collimator

Abstract: A computed tomography (CT) apparatus including: an X-ray source configured to direct X-rays toward a detector assembly; a dynamic beam collimator fixed in space and configured to dynamically limit an X-ray beam directed toward an object of interest, the dynamic beam collimator including a plurality of leaflets to block a cone beam of X-rays impinging upon the dynamic beam collimator, wherein a subset of the plurality of leaflets opens and closes to block or allow a portion of the cone beam of X-rays to reduce or increase a solid angle of the cone beam, wherein the cone beam of X-rays with the reduced solid angle is directed toward a predetermined portion of the object of interest; and the detector assembly configured to detect the directed cone beam of X-rays on a side opposite to the X-ray source.


• Richard Rowe

No. 9454873 – Casino games

Abstract: Apparatus and methods related to multi-player casino games are described. An electronic gaming device is provided that allows a live player to compete against a virtual player in a multi-player wager-based game using playing cards derived from the insertion of a physical denomination of currency. The electronic gaming device can be configured to simulate the decision making of a virtual player and associated behaviors of the virtual player during game play. In some instances, the simulated behaviors of the virtual player output at the electronic gaming device can be learned by a live player so that the live player can make better or more advantageous game play decisions. The simulated behaviors of the virtual player can be conveyed to the live player via visual images, such as simulated facial expressions of the virtual player.

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