Patents for Aug. 31-Sept. 6


• Timothy J. Shelburn

No. D765794 – Wheel game enhancement apparatus

Abstract: The ornamental design for a wheel game enhancement apparatus, as shown and described herein.

Bally Gaming

• Jeffrey L. Allen, Brian J. Barclay, Mark B. Gagner, Andrew C. Guinn

No. 9437072 – Integrating social communities and wagering games

Abstract: A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In some examples, the operations include connecting social network user accounts to a communal wagering game. The operations can further include determining, via a network communication interface, an electronic request associated with a first social network user account to transact an electronic exchange, with a second social network user account, of one or more non-cash items associated with the communal wagering game. The operations can further include accessing, via an electronic processing unit, a first memory storage unit of the gaming system associated with the first social network user account. The first memory storage unit specifies the one or more non-cash items. The operations can further include transacting, via the network communication interface, the electronic exchange of the one or more non-cash items between the first social network user account and the second social network user account.


• William Wells, Chan Giswold

No. 9437071 – Wide screen gaming apparatus

Abstract: A gaming apparatus includes a display unit and has a display support structure that extends substantially vertically from a horizontal support base. The display unit includes a flat-panel display screen having a width (W) and a height (H) wherein W/His at least 16/10. The display unit is rotatable about a horizontal axis located in a plane substantially parallel to the display screen wherein, a player’s angle of viewing the display unit may be adjusted by vertical translation of the display unit on the display support structure, over a vertical range of motion, and by rotation of the display unit about the horizontal axis. A front face of the display structure presents, in a region proximate to the vertical range of motion, a concave side of a curved surface.

• Anthony J. Baerlocher

No. 9437074 – Gaming device and method having purchasable enhanced paytables

Abstract: An apparatus and method for a game having a paytable selection feature which may be implemented with a primary or base game, a secondary or bonus game, or both. In one embodiment, the gaming device employs an initial paytable and enables a player pay a fee to purchase a different paytable for a plurality of plays of the game. If the player chooses to purchase a different paytable, the gaming device determines a game outcome for a plurality of plays of the game and provides any awards based on the different paytable. If the player does not choose to select a different paytable, the gaming device determines a game outcome for each of those plays and provides any awards based on the initial paytable. In one embodiment, the player has the opportunity to see the different paytable prior to paying the fee to purchase it.

• Jay S. Walker, James A. Jorasch, Scott T. Friesen

No. 9437079 – Rotor-based gaming device having a secondary award system

Abstract: The invention includes a system and method for a gaming device to determine when to offer a player an opportunity to play using a “jackpot only” pay table. The player may choose to accept the gaming device’s offer to switch from using a conventional pay table to using a pay table that only pays top payout amounts. Play with a jackpot only pay table may only require a small wager amount as compared to play with a conventional pay table. Play with a jackpot only pay table may be automated to generate outcomes quickly to allow a player to relatively inexpensively avoid spending time playing a gaming device perceived to be in a “cold period.”

• Benjamin C. Hoffman, Paulina Rodgers, Christmas C. Prker, Brian J. Book, Jason D. Kremer

No. 9437081 – Gaming system and method for providing a community bonus event

Abstract: A gaming system and method including providing a community or group bonus event to a plurality of players at a plurality of gaming devices. For each of the players determined as eligible to participate in a triggered group bonus event, the gaming system determines that player’s relative probability of winning a group bonus event award in the triggered bonus event. In one such embodiment, each player’s relative probability of winning the group bonus event award is based on that player’s wagering history, such as any amounts wagered by that player, the frequency of placing such wagers and/or frequency of not placing any wagers.

• Paulina Rodgers, Christmas C. Parker, Benjamin C. Hoffman

No. 9437084 – Gaming system and method for providing a cascading symbol game with multiple symbol display position symbols

Abstract: A gaming system displays a plurality of independent reels, wherein each independent reel generates a symbol from a plurality of symbol positions of that independent reel in accordance with a plurality of probabilities. At least two adjacent independent reels generate symbols according to relatively high probabilities of generating a designated symbol. For a play of the game, the gaming system generates and displays a symbol for each independent reel and provides an award for any displayed winning symbol combinations. In one embodiment, for at least one symbol position of at least one winning symbol combination, the gaming system re-generates a symbol for one or more independent, such as by displaying a symbol from an adjacent symbol position of that independent reel. The gaming system provides an award for any winning symbol combinations and repeats until no winning symbol combinations are displayed.

Intellectual Ventures Holding 81

• Andrew Read, Sameer Halepete, Keith Klayman

No. 9436264 – Saving power when in or transitioning to a static mode of a processor

Abstract: A method for reducing power utilized by a processor including the steps of determining that a processor is transitioning from a computing mode to a mode is which system clock to the processor is disabled, and reducing core voltage to the processor to a value sufficient to maintain state during the mode in which system clock is disabled.

Locl Pharma

• Paul Bosse, John Ameling, Bernard Schachtel, Ray Takigiku

No. 9433625 – Pharmaceutical compositions for treating or preventing pain

Abstract: Methods and compositions are provided which comprise effective amounts of one or more analgesics, such as hydrocodone or acetaminophen, and an antiemetic, such as promethazine, to treat or prevent pain in a subject, and to reduce or prevent an adverse effect associated with the analgesics.

Performance SK8 Holding

• Becket Colon

No. 9433852 – Wheel for sports equipment

Abstract: A wheel for a skateboard, roller skate or the like has a radial surface arranged to provide contact with the ground, said radial surface comprising areas of at least a first material and areas of a second material, said second material having at least one mechanical property differing from that of the first material. The first and second materials are arranged in such a way that they form a pattern on the radial surface which varies around the circumference of the wheel. This enables the adaptation of the behavior of the wheel in a very flexible way.

Western Gaming Property

• Stanley P. Dabrowski

No. 9437077 – Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality

Abstract: A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for transferring credits from one gaming device to another via the use of coded scrip is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of accepting a cash-out command in the gaming device, scanning a magnetically manifested code uniquely identifying a scrip stored in the gaming device, transmitting a cash-out message comprising the code to a remote processor having access to a database configured to store and retrieve codes from a plurality of gaming devices, receiving a scrip dispense message from the remote processor, and dispensing the scrip. The apparatus comprises a scrip storage unit, a scrip dispensing unit having a scrip transducer for reading and recording a magnetically manifested code on a scrip retrieved from the scrip storage unit, and a processor, communicatively coupled to the scrip transducer and a remote computer having access to a database for storing and retrieving code information from the plurality of gaming devices.

Xsette Technology

• Albert Carlson, Steven B. Cohen, Lawrence duBoef, H. Stan Johnson

No. 9436815 – Block management unification system and method

Abstract: A block management unification system and method for communicating a data file that includes a source component, a first rearrangement criterion, a first block encryption key, a second rearrangement criterion, a second block encryption key, a compression module, and an encryption module. The source component accesses the data file that is divided into a plurality of blocks. The first rearrangement criterion organize the blocks according to the first rearrangement criterion. The first block encryption key is inserted into the blocks. The second rearrangement criterion organize the blocks according to the second rearrangement criterion. The second block encryption key is inserted into the blocks. A compression module compresses the rearranged blocks. An encryption module encrypts the rearranged blocks with the first block encryption key and the second block encryption key.

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