Michael J. Pertgen, William C. Judge

9652942–Method and device for conducting a wagering game

A method and device for conducting a game includes receipt of an ante wager designating either a first game hand or a second game hand for resolution of the ante wager. A first game hand of unexposed playing cards is dealt, and optionally exposed in stages with each stage interceded by an election received from players to either place an additional wager on the same game hand designed by the ante wager or check by proceeding to a subsequent stage without placing an additional wager. After the first game hand is exposed, an election is received to either place an additional wager on the same game hand designated by the ante wager or fold. A second game hand is dealt, exposed, and compared to the first game hand to resolve ante wagers on the respective hands. Optional and/or mandatory bonus wagers may be received on the game hands.


Bradley D. Cornell

9652929–Gaming machine having multi-configuration side panels for variable wagering-game environments

A gaming machine includes one or more display devices within a cabinet and configured to display a wagering game. The gaming machine further includes a top-box device having a top-box display facing a player position in front of the cabinet. The top-box device has a primary surface defined by a top edge, a bottom edge, and two side edges. The top-box device further has at least one side panel rotatably attached along one of the side edges of the top-box display and being movable between a plurality of positions in a range between a closed position and an open position.

Brian J. Barclay, Andrew Fowler, Andrew C. Guinn, Richard B. Robbins, Richard T. Schwartz

9646455–Integrating social networking and wagering systems

A wagering game system and its operations can include connecting, via a network communication interface of a gaming system, a device associated with a social networking venue to the gaming system. The operations can further include detecting, via the network communication interface, an indication of an electronic event associated with the gaming system and determining, via analysis of the indication of the electronic event by the gaming system, a value associated with the electronic event. The operations can further include activating a feature of the social networking venue according to the value associated with the electronic event.

Dion K. Aoki, Allon G. Englman, Andrew C. Guinn, Daniel P. Louie, Michael W. Mastropietro, Jeremie D. Moll

9652935–Wagering games having reduced maximum wagering levels

A gaming system and method includes receiving a wager and in response thereto a basic game is conducted. The basic game includes a plurality of symbols that indicate a randomly selected outcome. In response to an offer trigger, an offer is displayed to conduct one or more subsequent plays of the basic game at a reduced maximum bet wager having a wager amount that is less than a normal maximum bet wager amount. A second input is received indicative of an acceptance of the offer for a reduced maximum bet wager. A randomly selected outcome is displayed. The plurality of possible outcomes each include a plurality of symbols arranged in an array. If the randomly selected outcome includes a winning symbol combination, an award is provided for any winning outcome. The provided award is determined as though a normal maximum bet wager amount was received.

Jacqueline F. Parra, Jesse M. Smith, Craig J. Sylla, Brian L. Yarger

9646452–Game history for wagering games using handheld devices

A computerized method includes presenting a community game on a display device of a wagering game system that comprises a wagering game machine associated with a handheld device for use in conducting the community game, wherein the presenting of the community game comprises presenting movements of a game element in response to movements of the handheld device. The computerized method includes, at periodic time intervals during the community game, storing, in a memory device, data indicating a current position of the handheld device.

Jeffrey E. Michel

RE46405–Community wagering game with multiple player selections

A gaming system for conducting a wagering game includes a plurality of linked gaming machines for receiving multiple player selections in a community bonus game. The community bonus game may be displayed to all players at the linked gaming machines on a community display. Upon receiving multiple player selections in the community bonus game, players are awarded bonus awards based on the respective player selections.

Roger M. Snow

9649549–Physical playing card gaming systems and related methods

A physical playing card gaming system includes a gaming table including at least one dealer position and at least one player position. The system includes a physical playing card handling device that is configured to read at least one of a card rank and card suit of physical playing cards. The system also includes at least one processor in communication with the physical playing card handling device and a video monitor. The at least one processor is programmed to determine the composition of at least one dealer hand and at least one player hand based on the at least one of card rank and card suit read. The at least one processor is programmed to cause game information based on the determined hands to be displayed in response to dealer input. Methods of operating such a physical playing card gaming system include displaying the game information upon dealer request.

Shawn C. Collette, David E. Detlefsen, Joel R. Jaffe, Sean P. Kelly, Timothy C. Loose, Scott A. Massing

9646453–Integrating three-dimensional and two-dimensional gaming elements

A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In some embodiments, the operations include detecting a request to present a wagering game object via a display device capable of stereoscopic, three-dimensional visual effects. In some embodiments, the wagering game object is one of a plurality of wagering game objects. In some embodiments, the operations further include determining a virtual three-dimensional depth value based on one a degree of significance assigned to the wagering game object. The operations can further include presenting the wagering game object via the display device with a degree of three-dimensional stereoscopic depth effect that corresponds to the virtual three-dimensional depth value.

Timothy C. Loose, Wayne H. Rothschild

9649559–System, method, and apparatus for presenting media in a wagering game machine

System, methods and apparatus for presenting media in a wagering game machine are described herein. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving an internal media request from a component of the wagering game machine and receiving an external data signal from outside the wagering game machine. In the embodiment, the method also includes preparing media based on the internal media request and the external data signal and presenting the media on media presentation devices.

Vernon Bernard, Karl Wudtke

9652928–Gaming machine, gaming machine display and method

A gaming device, gaming device display and method are set forth which includes a first electronic, video display including L-shaped sub-displays mated to define a frame surrounding an opening which accommodates a second display. The second display may be a mechanical component extending through the opening to operate for example a pointer operating with the first video display to provide a game function. The opening may also be configured to reveal a mechanical, electro-mechanical or video display.


Anthony Busa

9646331–Management and allocation of services using remote computer connections

A computer-implemented method for allocating services among a plurality of service operators where each capable of providing at least one service and each service operator operating a respective computer to receiving at a support server a request for service from at least one computer being operated by a user, generating a questionnaire to be answered by the user operating the at least one computer, selecting at least one service operator based upon the answered questionnaire, and establishing a service session between the at least one computer being operated by the user and the computer being operated by the at least one selected service operator for providing the requested service.


Gregory Taylor DeWitt, Eugen Munteanu

9646325–Zero-wait publishing, searching, and queuing systems and methods

Zero-wait publishing, searching, and queuing systems and methods are disclosed. The system includes a local retail service engagement application installed on a mobile device. The application requests a service from a service provider system. The application receives data associated with a service provider from the service provider system, transmits a request for a reservation, receives a confirmation of the reservation, transmits a queue request to a queuing system, and receives a confirmation of the queue request. The application determines a physical location of the mobile device, calculates a distance between the mobile device and the service provider, and transmits an estimated arrival time. When the mobile device arrives, the queuing system searches for the mobile device. The system further includes an identification, location and authentication system. The service provider system receives authentication and the relative location of the mobile device and retrieves the reservation.


Christopher F. Chunglo

9645063–Apparatus and process for measuring viscoelastic foam compression recovery

An apparatus and process for measuring recovery rate and total recovery time of viscoelastic foam samples. This apparatus will record the change in height with time to fully define how a viscoelastic foam responds to compression. The process generally includes compressing a compression plate against a surface of the viscoelastic foam sample from a nominal height to a pre-determined compressed height, maintaining the pre-determined compressed height for a period of time; retracting the compression plate at a rate greater than a recovery rate so as to disengage the compression plate from the viscoelastic foam sample, and measuring displacement as a function of time to provide a viscoelastic response profile. Measuring the displacement may be contact based or non-contact based.

Richard F. Gladney, Michael S. DeFranks, Ronald M. Herrington, Hui Yang, Rahul Kirtikar

9642472–Method of manufacturing an aged mattress assembly

Mattresses and methods for processing a flexible foam material for use in a mattress to provide a mattress foam material that has more consistent firmness over time and area. The methods include pre-conditioning the foam pad or mattress by applying a force across a substantial portion of a major surface of the mattress to compress or stretch the height of the foam, the length of the foam, and/or the width of the foam to break or open closed cells. In certain embodiments, the force is applied by repeatedly pressing a platen against the foam pad or placing the foam pad between one or more rollers.


James M. Jamison, Thomas M. Miller, Deborah R. Neal, Mark William Kovacick, Michael John Askew, Richard Albert Mostardi

9642833–Vitamin C and vitamin K, and compositions thereof for treatment of osteolysis or prolongation of prosthetic implant

Provided herein is a method of treating, preventing, or managing osteolysis in a subject, comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of vitamin C, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, or hydrate thereof, in combination with vitamin K, or a single enantiomer, a mixture of enantiomers, or a mixture of diastereomers thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, or hydrate thereof.


Daniel J. DeWaal, Hans Elias, Richard J. Schneider, Anthony J. Baerlocher

9646457–Gaming system and method for providing enhanced wagering opportunities

A gaming system including a central server linked to a plurality of gaming machines. In one embodiment, the gaming system provides players with one or more enhanced wagering opportunities. One enhanced wagering opportunity enables a player to continue playing one or more primary games at the maximum wager even if the player’s continued play causes the gaming device’s credit meter to fall below zero credits. In one such embodiment, after playing one or more maximum wager games which cause the credit meter to drop below zero, the player’s player tracking account is utilized to cover any amount of credits the gaming device’s credit meter is below zero.

Harold E. Mattice, Chauncey W. Griswold, Christian E. Gadda, Richard L. Wilder, James W. Stockdale

9652074–Method and apparatus for detecting lift off of a touchscreen

A composite touchscreen incorporates acoustic pulse recognition sensing and capacitive sensing technology. The hybrid screen incorporates the advantages of each technology while minimizing the drawbacks. When such a screen is incorporated in a gaming device specialized gestures and functions can be implemented that enhance the interface, the range of games, and the gaming experience.

John H. Zielinski

9646458–Gaming system, gaming device and method having secondary symbols associated with primary symbols

A gaming system including a plurality of generated primary symbols and at least one generated secondary symbol. If any generated primary symbol is associated with any generated secondary symbol, the gaming system provides an award based on the generated primary symbol being associated with the generated secondary symbol.

Sam Johnson, Chad Ryan, Bradley G. Ward

9652934–Method and apparatus for providing secondary gaming machine functionality

A modified gaming machine includes a plurality of gaming machine peripheral devices for use in implementing one or more games to a player, and a master gaming controller configured to implement primary gaming machine functionality, including generating and transmitting information to the plurality of gaming machine peripherals. The modified gaming machine further comprises a secondary controller interposed between one or more of the plurality of gaming machine peripheral devices and the master gaming controller, whereby the secondary controller may forward information generated by the master gaming controller to the gaming machine peripheral devices and transmit secondary information to the peripheral devices.

Troy Zurawski, Brant Frazee

9646460–Gaming system and method providing a slot game including a symbol replacement feature

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a gaming system and method providing a slot game including a symbol replacement feature. Generally, in various embodiments, the slot game employs a plurality of different symbols, each of which is included in one of a plurality of different groups. Each group includes at least two different symbols. In operation, the gaming system displays a plurality of the symbols and, if a triggering event associated with one of the groups occurs, the gaming system provides the symbol replacement feature by replacing at least one displayed symbol of that group with a different one of the symbols of that group. Thus, when providing the symbol replacement feature in these embodiments, the gaming system of the present disclosure replaces certain displayed symbols included in a particular group with different symbols included in that particular group and not with any symbols included in any other groups.


Donald Brady, Nikolai Rulkov, Mark Hunt

9649039–Mobile plethysmographic device

A mobile plethysmographic device for detecting a Peripheral Artery Disease (“PAD”) event or other arrhythmia event is disclosed herein. The mobile plethysmographic device generates a pleth waveform, which is automatically screened by algorithms that measure the waveform to correlate, detect and store aberrations related to heart anomalies. A peripheral artery disease event for a patient is determined based on a quantative measure of blood flow in the extremities based on the differential in amplitude in the pleth signal between the arm and the two lower extremities. The changes in amplitude from the arm and one or both lower extremities can indicate PAD.


Alexander Klaiber, Guillermo Rozas

9652244–Processing bypass directory tracking system and method

A processing bypass directory system and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, a bypass directory tracking process includes setting bits in a bypass directory when a corresponding architectural register is written. The bits are selectively cleared in the bypass directory each cycle. The configuration of the bits is utilized to determine which stage of a bypass path processing information is at.


Mark Samson

D787112–Cove lighting fixture

The ornamental design for a cove lighting fixture, as shown and described.


Morton Greene

9652651–System and method for identifying a genuine printed document

A system and method for verifying that a document is included in a document management system is disclosed. This system and method includes scanning of a scan track of a document, generating document data dependently upon the scanning, comparing the generated document data to stored document data, the stored document data generated dependently upon a prior scanning of the scan track of the document, and outputting an indication of the document being included in the document management system as determined by the comparing.


Sean Malek

9652939–System and method of conducting games of chance as a proxy or basis for another player

To bring the excitement to the people (majority, who are not experts in games), we present the examples, described here, for one person to be able to bet on and be part of the deal and excitement for a third party, as his agent, proxy, or shadow, to bet for him, or instead of him, or as if the first person was doing the game directly, or one betting for another, or one playing for another with the other person’s money. That generates more excitement on the game or casino, with more participation, transactions, income, profit, loyalty, and repeat customers. This brings a lot of variations on the game, e.g., stock market model, or derivatives model, or hedge model. This can be applied to sports and table games or fantasy sports. This can be applied to online, real, mobile, fantasy, simulation, computer generated, human based, or casino games or settings.


Sam Johnson

9652941–Lottery-type game based upon at least two casino games

A lottery-type game is enabled via two or more casino games such as keno or video poker games. If the outcome of the first game is winning, the player may be awarded first winnings. If the outcome of the second game is winning, the player may be awarded second winnings. Regardless of the outcomes of the base games, if designated indicia comprising certain indicia from the first and second games match a selected set of indicia, then the lottery-type game is winning. In the case of a keno game, the designated indicia may be certain player numbers from the keno games and in the case of a poker game, certain player-selected cards. The selected set of indicia may comprise drawn keno numbers or dealt cards.

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