Timothy J. Shelburn, Tony Wonnacott

9656157–Roulette modification system and wagering methods

Systems, methods and apparatus which provides for modified roulette games, and various wagering options, in which one or more roulette balls are propelled onto a spinning roulette wheel, among other things, including a roulette wheel overlay apparatus and system and associated table layouts.


Attila Grauzer, Feraidoon Bourbour, Mark L. Yoseloff, Tood Haushalter

9659461–Casino card handling system with game play feed to mobile device

A card game monitor manages play of a game with a video feed of casino table game play. A dealer deals a game using a card-handling device that randomizes and dispenses cards, which may be grouped into sets of hands by the card-handling device. A card recognition system recognizes card information including rank and suit of each card dispensed by the card handling device. A camera captures a video feed of casino table game play, which is transmitted to a mobile computing device operated by a player. A control system receives the card information from the card recognition device and manages control of the game using hand information associated with players. Player action elections from the mobile computing device are displayed to a dealer. The player provides a player action through the mobile computing device, which is used to facilitate play of the casino table game.

Bryan M. Kelly, Martin S. Lyons, Sean C. Martin, Joseph R. Hedrick, Joseph Lerner

9659437–System and method for cross platform persistent gaming sessions using a mobile device

Disclosed is a method for enabling cross platform persistent gaming sessions using a mobile device in a system that includes a game server, a network, one or more gaming machines, and one or more mobile devices. The method includes: associating a player’s mobile device with one of the one or more gaming machines at which the player has a gaming session; presenting a player with an option to move their gaming experience to their mobile device when the player leaves the associated gaming machine if a gaming session is in progress; enabling the player to use its mobile device to continue playing a game after the player has left a proximity of the associated gaming machine by transferring the game from the associated gaming machine to the player’s mobile device; and enabling transfer of funds between the associated gaming machine and the players’ mobile device.

Christian L. Castro, Robert J. Glenn II, Tomothy C. Loose, Bruce E. Reid, Wingate K. Williams

9659432–Gaming machine having light splitting emotive lighting feature

A gaming system includes at least one light pipe which splits, reflects, and propagates light provided from one or more internal light sources to a plurality of external regions of the gaming system. The light sources may include sets of LEDs which deliver light via multiple light pipes or differing sections of the same light pipe, in varying configurations. Each light pipe may utilize a light splitter-reflector to receive, split, direct, propagate, and emit light from one or more sections of internally positioned light sources, simultaneously projecting decorative lighting to multiple exterior surfaces and regions of the gaming system. Light pipe assemblies may be constructed from modular pieces which include a separate light splitter-reflector, or from a single piece of uniform material which splits, directs, and emits light. Variations of direct light, indirect (reflected) light, and combinations of both enable various lighting patterns on the exterior of gaming machines.

Elizabeth A. Carter, Joel R. Jaffe, Pamela S. Smith

9659463–Wagering game with reel-swap feature

A gaming system includes a gaming machine, a random element generator, and game-logic circuitry. An initial outcome is displayed in the form of a plurality of symbols arranged in a primary array and a secondary array, the primary array including a plurality of primary reels and the secondary array including a secondary reel. In response to the plurality of symbols including a trigger symbol, one of the primary reels is substituted with the secondary reel to form a modified primary array. A modified outcome is determined based on the modified primary array.

Martin S. Lyons, Bryan M. Kelly

9659447–System and method for augmented wagering

Disclosed is a method and system involving augmented wagering. In one contemplated approach, context-sensitive betting options are conveniently presented to a player. Promotion of time sensitive propositions are presented to both simplify the wagering experience and provide a better targeted experience.

Sean P. Kelly, Donald E. Brundage, Venkatesh A. Khanna

9659441–Opt-in proximity alert

A method for alerting a player about a wagering game machine is described herein. In some embodiments, the method can include receiving, via a communications network from a handheld computing device, player preferences for an opt-in proximity alert. The method can further include creating the opt-in proximity alert based, at least in part, on the player preferences. The method can further include determining, via one or more processors, that the handheld computing device is in proximity to a wagering game machine matching the player preferences. The method can further include causing the handheld computing device to present an alert about the wagering game machine matching the player preferences.


Michael S. DeFranks

9657800–Systems and methods for cushion supports

The mattress assemblies have an array of springs extending from a sheet. Each spring in the array may be manufactured by choosing a position for the spring, cutting a profile of the sheet spring in the sheet, peeling back or bending the profile or tab of the sheet, and shaping the profile to form the sheet spring. The array of springs may be formed from creating a plurality of such springs along rows and columns. In certain embodiments, multiple sheets may be stacked to form the sheet spring array.


Anthony J. Baerlocher, Peter Gerrard

9659462–Gaming system and method providing simultaneous gaming with linked paytable events

The gaming device disclosed herein includes a plurality of simultaneously, substantially simultaneously or sequentially played primary games, wherein a designated triggering event in at least one of the games causes the gaming device to change, modify, supplement, add to, activate or otherwise influence the paytable of at least another game.

Donald E. Norris

9659444–Gaming system and method for providing cashable and non-cashable credits upon cash-out

Gaming systems and methods for providing a customer with additional non-cashable credits upon completion of the game are provided herein. The gaming machine includes a game controller that is configured to receive a player input to play a wagering game on the gaming machine. The game controller is also configured to generate results for the wagering game, wherein the results include credits won or lost. The game controller is configured to add or subtract the credits won or lost to the player’s total credit balance and provide the player with an amount of additional non-cashable credits upon ending the game, wherein the player must forgo a portion of their remaining credits in order to receive the amount of additional non-cashable credits, and wherein the non-cashable credits cannot be used with the same or another gaming machine without an additional input of currency into the gaming machine by the player.

Jay Chun

9659433–System and method for providing remote wagering games in a live table game system

Systems and methods for conducting multiple remote wagering games in a live table game system or similar system wherein the gaming symbols which are randomly generated as a result of a live table game are used to resolve the live table game and simulate play and resolve wagering outcomes of one or more remote wagering games which differ from the live table game.

Jay S. Walker, James A. Jorasch, Robert C. Tedesco, Michael W. Patterson

9659449–Methods and systems for providing accessory devices usable to facilitate remotely viewable wagering game outcomes

In accordance with some embodiments, a plurality of outcomes are generated and used to create a video presentation of representative outcomes. The video presentation is recorded onto a tangible medium (e.g., DVD or CD-ROM) or otherwise provided to a player (e.g., player may access the video presentation online). This allows a player to purchase a video presentation of (e.g., predetermined) outcomes in a jurisdiction in which gambling is legal yet view the presentation at the player’s convenience (e.g., from any jurisdiction and at any time). The outcomes on the DVD or CD ROM may be viewed on a video display generated by a primary output device (e.g., a personal computer or a DVD player). In addition, the player may purchase or otherwise obtain an accessory device that interacts (e.g., augments the outcomes) with the game play recorded on the tangible medium.

Mark C. Nicely, Jon Leupp, Timothy L. Isaacson, Leandro Basallo, Scott A. Caputo

9659430–Gaming system and method providing game with multiple award displays

A gaming system and method which provides multiple individually and independently activated un-weighted award displays, wherein a plurality of designated awards have the same probability of being won regardless of how many of the award displays are activated. In various embodiments, the designated awards are different, and in various embodiments, the designated awards are progressive awards. In various embodiments, the un-weighted award displays include a plurality of award wheels.

Mark C. Nicely, Paul Baker Stroube, Steven Joseph Bazyl

9659440–Gaming system, gaming device, and method providing multiple hand card game

A gaming device provides a single player poker game including one or more opportunities for forming player hands. In one embodiment, for a play of the poker game, a player places a wager on each of a plurality of player hands. The gaming device provides the player with one or more opportunities to fold one or more of the player hands and withdraw the wager associated with the folded hand. A number of community cards are dealt. The gaming device determines and provides any awards associated with a ranking of each of the remaining player hands according to a paytable.


Todd Moreau


The ornamental design for the grinder, as shown and described.


Alan J. Fenn

9659334–Systems and methods for facilitating real estate transactions with purchase offer processing feature

A system and method for facilitating real estate transactions that is configured for receiving property information from a listing service or data feed, presenting a property information display on data communication devices for each property; generating a unique transaction actuator in each property information display, and responsive to selecting a unique transaction actuator, generating an offer form with an offer transmittal actuator, wherein the offer form includes a plurality of data fields relating to an offer to purchase property that are populated with the property information for the specific property associated with the selected unique transaction actuator.


Arthur O. Rogers, Gavin Clarkson

9659435–System and method for providing off-site online based gaming

A system and method for allowing wagers to be made on a game and awarding a payout as a function of an outcome of the game is provided. The game may played by a game server, located at a gaming facility, which is located at a predefined geographic location. A remote device may be provided at a location outside of the predefined geographic location. An agent, in communication with the game server and the remote device, may receive instructions from a patron via the remote device to place a wager on a game and for instructing the server to place the wager in response to receiving the instructions from the patron.


Mary Morabito O’Neill

9658444–Autofocus system and autofocus method for focusing on a surface

An autofocus system includes an imaging device, a lens system and a focus control actuator that is configured to change a focus position of the imaging device in relation to a stage. The electronic control unit is configured to control the focus control actuator to a plurality of predetermined focus positions, and activate the imaging device to obtain an image at predetermined positions and then apply a spatial filter to the obtained images. This generates a filtered image for the obtained images. The control unit determines a focus score for the filtered images such that the focus score corresponds to a degree of focus in the obtained images. The control unit identifies a best focus position by comparing the focus score of the filtered images, and controls the focus control actuator to the best focus position corresponding to the highest focus score.


John F. Acres

9659429–Gaming device having advance game information analyzer

This concept is directed to methods of operating a gaming device to analyze game information that is part of a gaming event having a player interaction in advance of the player interaction to make a determination about the game play. These methods may be used for a variety of gaming devices such as slot machines, video keno devices, video poker machines, electronic table games, internet gaming terminals, etc. In each type of gaming device, these operation methods evaluate future game information during game play to determine one of multiple manners by which the game play will continue. These continuation manners may include changing the speed of game play, determining display characteristics of the game and outcome, providing tips or information to the player about the future game information, automatically initiating a subsequent game, or otherwise altering an aspect of the game play parameters in response to the evaluated game information.

John F. Acres

9659442–System and method for measuring gaming player behavior

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to analyzing recorded game information to determine information about a player’s behavior. This is accomplished by analyzing the player’s actions following a positive increase in credits within credit meter data. This analysis can be utilized in automatically altering a game parameter of the gaming device being played by the player or in providing operators trend information that can be used in modifying the game device or designing future gaming devices. An analysis station may be included in a gaming system using this analysis process to allow an operator to view and manipulate a graphical representation of the credit meter data.


Scott W. Lewis

9658473–Enhanced optical and perceptual digital eyewear

Improved wearable optics is disclosed. The wearable optics comprises a frame member and a lens. The wearable optics also includes circuitry within the frame member for enhancing the use of the wearable optics. A system and method in accordance with the present invention is directed to a variety of ways to enhance the use of eyeglasses. They are: (1) media focals, that is, utilizing the wearable optics for its intended purpose and enhancing that use by using imaging techniques to improve the vision of the user; (2) telecommunications enhancements that allow the eyeglasses to be integrated with telecommunication devices such as cell phones or the like; and (3) entertainment enhancements that allow the wearable optics to be integrated with devices such as MP3 players, radios, or the like.


Louis Lerman

9658382–Luminaire module having a light guide with redirecting interfaces

A solid-state luminaire module includes one or more light-emitting elements (LEEs) and a light guide. The light guide includes a receiving end and an opposing end, the receiving end being arranged to receive the light provided by the LEEs; a pair of opposing side surfaces, extending along a length of the light guide between the receiving end and the opposing end, to guide the received light in a forward direction; and a plurality of redirecting interfaces spaced apart from each other and distributed along a portion of the length of the light guide adjacent the opposing end. The redirecting interfaces are configured to reflect a portion of the guided light in a backward direction as return light, such that the return light can transmit through the pair of opposing side surfaces into the ambient as output light of the luminaire module, the output light to propagate in backward directions.


Paul Harry Comerford

D787757–Cat toy

I claim the ornamental design for a cat toy, as shown and described.

Scott C. Bainbridge, Paul C. Barker, Arturo E. Mancilla, Scott M. Minch

9659434–Modular wagering game machine signage

Modular wagering game machine signage is described herein. In some embodiments, a modular wagering game machine sign can include a center module including a plurality of support members, at least one outer panel covering the frame, and a lighted faceplate including lighting units. The lighting units can include light emitting diodes (LEDs) and globes. The sign can also includes at least one side module connected to the center module via hand-spinning latches configured to press against one or more of the center module s support members.

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