On the job, find ways to make 2023 better

Another year, another opportunity to do better. What can you do to create a better work experience in 2023, not only for you, but for those around you? Here are some ideas:

• Align yourself: It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture in the daily grind. Where is your organization headed, and are you on board or off the path? How does what you do align with those goals?

• Stoke the fire: What motivates you to do what you do? Hopefully, it’s more than a paycheck. Find ways to remind yourself the meaning behind your work. Get in rhythm with your coworkers. Connect with customers in a real way. Remind yourself how you contribute to the overall mission.

• Get personal: You can’t give your best at work if your personal life is suffering. Make sure your health and your relationships allow you to give the best version of yourself at work. Take time for yourself: How much time off did you leave on the table at the end of 2022? Hopefully none. But if you have a habit of not making the best use of your time off, plan to do better this year. Sketch out a plan for quality time off. Take a quarterly inventory of what time you have left and what plans you have. It’s better for you and everyone around you if you recharge your batteries.

• Know more, say more: Going through the motions won’t cut it. Learn more about how things get done in your organization. Know more about the pain points. Speak up about improvements. Solutions have value.

• Think of others: Do you always do things on your terms, or are you mindful of what others need? Be sure you help others achieve their goals. Listen more. It’s not always about you.

• Learn something new: How will the 2023 version of you be more valuable than the 2022 model? Add something to your bag of tricks. Think of a skill you might enjoy learning or something that would be of value to your organization. Make yourself more marketable.

• Be more thankful: Who are the people who make your work life better? Think about the ones who get things done. Do they know you appreciate them? Be purposeful about thanking them. It can be a quick email or a hand-written note. People will remember your gratitude.

• Don’t avoid the inevitable: There are always things about our jobs we don’t love but we have to do. Don’t waste time avoiding things you know you must do eventually. Get those out of the way, and get on with the good stuff.

• Be mindful: Your approach, your attitude, your mindset influences what you do and how you do it. Catch yourself if you feel like you are focusing on the negative. Make a mindful adjustment. At the end of each day, take inventory what went well.

For 2023, make the time. Do the things. Be the difference.

Bob Helbig is media partnerships director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is the survey partner for Nevada Top Workplaces.

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