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Victoria Hart, a multimedia designer who creates works on the Mac and the canvas, glass, metal and any added curio that capture her fancy. Captured fancy is a way of life for Victoria, in and out of the job description, as both an artist and design guru of Pink Kitty Creative.

Hart grew up in Washington, attended the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated with a degree in commercial art. Fearing she was beginning to rust, she headed for warmer climate and settled in Las Vegas in 1993. Formerly the creative director of award-winning gaming company Westwood Studios and premier design firm CDI Studios, Hart has years of experience in smart design, branding and marketing.

Her esthetically acute observational skills, intuitive eye and passion for great design gives her significant insight into the world design and marketing.


In 1985 graphic design was still largely done by hand. Macintosh had just released the early compact computer models and there were roughly 10 fonts to work with. At that time, Hart had always considered art as a passion, but it wasn’t until a friend convinced her to attend the Art Institute of Seattle that she began to consider it as a career.

Hart graduated with a degree in commercial art and, in 1993, she moved to Las Vegas where she worked as the creative director for award-winning video game developer Westwood Studios. This was a breakout opportunity for her to hone her skills as a graphic designer, composing all of the company’s artwork and packaging.

Westwood Studios was eventually acquired by Electronic Arts and relocated to Los Angeles. Hart opted to stay in Las Vegas where she found a home at premier design firm CDI Studios. While there, she had the opportunity to design all of the branding materials for local staple, Three Square Food Bank. Branding that ultimately withstood the test of time and is still utilized to this day.

When the world of fine art came knocking, Hart seized the chance to become a gallery director. After five years, she knew her heart was in making art, not just selling it, and she founded Pink Kitty Creative. Nearly two decades later, she continues to operate the strategic graphic design firm as chief creative officer and practicing graphic designer.

The firm’s clientele spans major heavyweights to nonprofits, including branding for the city of Las Vegas, Vegas Chamber and Naqvi Injury Law. In addition to the decor, design and complete aesthetic for Half Bird Chicken & Beer, CraftHaus Brewery, JT4 and The Love Store, among others.

Hart was elated when she beat out multiple designers for the opportunity to create a new logo for the city of Las Vegas. Ironically, the chosen design almost didn’t make the cut for her final submission. Thankfully, in her core, she knew this would be the perfect representation of the glamorous hay days of yesteryear while bringing the Entertainment Capital of the World into the 21st century.

The city of Las Vegas agreed the logo was a masterpiece, capturing the city’s nostalgic charm while ushering in a new modern look. Hart and Pink Kitty Creative have continued to work collaboratively with the city to ensure the logo’s potential is maximized. This partnership included the new Gateway Arches designed by Selbert Perkins Design welcoming visitors into downtown Las Vegas that features the, now iconic, logo as a focal point.

Hart has grown and experienced the gamut of branding and design over her career and acknowledges that establishing a brand is a whole other story in this day and age. It’s a different world compared to the one she entered in 1985. There are now more than 200,000 different fonts and technological advancements, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), that have completely changed the industry.

The rise of multiple social media channels has made it even more crucial to establish brand visibility. Depending on the target audience, a company doesn’t need to be relevant on every platform, but it’s important to, have a brand that differentiates itself from the competition and maximizes the key selling features.

Beyond an internet presence, you can live your brand through the old school methods of joining a chamber, attending industry events, getting out in the community and networking. These techniques, combined with optimizing your website and social media, can help drive brand awareness.

Overall, budget also should be one of the first factors a company considers when it comes to design. Hart is a firm believer that, “You get what you pay for.” The determination of how much can be spent will guide what creative should be used. Hart is a member The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and recommends the organization as a great place to start when looking for young to seasoned designers, whose costs usually vary depending on experience.

Once a budget is established, a solid creative brief is next. A questionnaire that defines brand goals and target audience will act as the launching point. Both the budget and questionnaire will guide interviews with creatives and agencies to make sure the right fit is selected and, ideally, a lasting partnership is formed.

With decades of experience delivering innovative solutions and cultivating stellar brand identities, Hart maintains her job is more than just pretty logos. She says, “It’s about being strategic, understanding a company’s goals and working together to create a brand that fits for the long term.”

Victoria Hart is the founder, chief creative officer and graphic designer at Pink Kitty Creative.

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