Ways small businesses can remain flexible in COVID-19 era

Updated February 2, 2021 - 1:19 pm

In this ever-changing business climate of pandemic challenges, it is important to assess your company’s commitment to success. Some challenges may be too great to bear when faced with caring for a loved one, and business may have to take a back seat. If your business employs others, then the obligation to provide for those team members and their families weigh heavy on business owners’ shoulders. Never has there been a more opportune time to flex your business ingenuity than this history-making time facing us right now.


Small business owners possess an entrepreneurial mind set. Look for alternative channels to get your service and/or goods to market. Virtual experiences can add to or be the sole product as you are wanting consumers to engage. Create at-home experiences. These engaging experiences keep your name top of mind and transition quickly and seamlessly back to your business when we are able to have our guests in-person again.


Partnering with a complementary business expands your reach beyond your target demographics. Exposing new, potential customers with partnerships allows you to gain new customers you otherwise would not have reached. Choose your partnerships wisely, ensure your morals and goals are aligned with any business you choose to endorse. This partnership will set your business up for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Limit your collaborations to meaningful relationships as to not create “collab exhaustion” for your customers.


We as business owners often get caught up with the “what” and forget to focus on the “why.” We at times become mired in the details of the newest edition, or upgrade, or faster, or cheaper, etc., but consumers want to know why they should support a business. Consumers make a lasting relationship with a business when they are vested into their story, in turn sharing that story with their friends and family. Go back to why you wanted to open your business. Did you want to make peoples’ lives better, did you experience a life-changing realization, do you possess a unique service that you created? Tap into (pun intended) your personal story for others to relate and appreciate.


During these extremely stressful times, we are burdened with a lack of time. Taking the time to apply for grants or loans or awards may seem like the last thing you want to do, but DO IT! You will not receive help or monies if you do not apply. Research how your business may be eligible for grants by talking with your bank, your local chambers of commerce, elected officials and fellow business owners.

Wyndee Forrest is the co-owner and founder of CraftHaus Brewery in Henderson. She and her husband, Dave Forrest, opened CraftHaus Brewery in 2014 and an additional tap room in the Arts District in 2019.

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