Kenta Kitamura, Hiromoto Yamauchi, Masumi Fujisawa

9633517–Gaming machine having free game, wherein the number of adding free game is added

The present invention provides a gaming machine employing a free game system which provides an enhanced game element. The gaming machine determines the number of adding free game based on a game number lottery table under the condition that a first symbol is rearranged in the symbol display unit in the free game, and adds a preset number of free game under the condition that a second symbol is rearranged in the symbol display unit in the free game.

Kenta Kitamura, Tatsuya Teranishi, Akira Osawa

9633524–Gaming machine conducting indication effect

A gaming machine stores an effect combination table in which each of predetermined combination conditions of symbols has probabilities associated with respective effect combinations each constituted by one or more indication effect. The gaming machine executes a process of randomly determining the symbols to be rearranged on the reel unit. The gaming machine executes a process of determining to which one of the combination conditions the combination of the determined symbols corresponds. The gaming machine executes a process of selecting an effect combination table based on the corresponding combination condition and randomly selecting one effect combination from a plurality of effect combinations based on the probabilities in the selected effect combination table. The gaming machine executes a process of executing an indication effect indicated by the selected effect combination, by means of the notification device.


Attila Grauzer, Feraidoon Bourbour, Mark L. Yoseloff

9633523–Apparatus, system, method, and computer-readable medium for casino card handling with multiple hand recall feature

Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for detecting, storing, and retrieving information about the composition of present and past hands of cards in a casino table game. The method includes causing a card-handling device to substantially automatically generate a plurality of hands wherein each hand includes one or more cards. Card information is identified that includes a rank and a suit of each card as each card moves through the card-handling device. A play history is maintained of a card composition of more than one round wherein the card composition of each round includes the cards in each hand of each round. The card information of at least one hand from at least one round may be displayed.


David Rubin, Eyal Rubin

9630936–Methods and compositions for gamma-glutamyl cycle modulation

The present disclosure provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising Gamma-glutamyl cycle inhibitors (GGCI) and certain pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and methods of use.


Bryan D. Wolf, Dorothy Cheung

9633507–System for providing a game at a gaming machine

A server includes a memory, a network interface configured to receive data related to a game available as part of a gaming system, and a processor. The processor is configured to receive the game data via the network interface, determine demand for the game within a gaming environment based on the game data and determine a weighting factor associated with the game based on the demand, and upload the game at one or more gaming machines within the gaming environment based on the weighting factor. The prominence of the game within the gaming environment varies according to the weighting factor.

Duane R. Decker, Nicholas B. Mayne, Lee E. Huber

9630106–Synchronizing audio in a bank of gaming machines

Systems and methods for synchronizing audio in a bank of gaming machines, such as video slot and video poker machines. Audio tracks of a game may be provided to a plurality of gaming machines and synchronized. An audio track provided to one of the gaming machines may be changed to a second audio track, in response to receiving an indication of a status change for the game. The second audio track may be synchronized with the audio tracks provided to the other gaming machines in the plurality.

Dwayne R. Nelson, Cameron A. Filipour

9633516–Gaming system and method enabling a player to earn a play of a bonus game using one device and to redeem the earned play for an enhanced play of the bonus game on another device

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a gaming system and method enabling a player to earn a play of a bonus game using one device and to redeem the earned play for an enhanced play of the bonus game on another device. Generally, various embodiments of the gaming system of the present disclosure enable a player to earn one or more plays of a bonus game through game play on a first device, and to either: (a) redeem an earned play on the first device for a play of a first version of the bonus game, or (b) redeem an earned play on a second different device for a play of a second different version of the bonus game. The second version of the bonus game is enhanced in one or more manners as compared to the first version of the bonus game.

Lee E. Cannon, Don G. DuPerault

9633510–Method, apparatus and system for perpetual bonus game

Methods of playing games and gaming systems and devices useful for playing games. Gaming devices include a first gaming unit for randomly selecting and displaying indicia associated with play of a primary game and for generating a signal relating to play on the first gaming unit. The gaming device also includes a second gaming unit connected to the first gaming unit for conducting an ongoing bonus game and enabling participation by a player in the ongoing bonus game in response to a signal generated by the first gaming unit. The ongoing bonus game may be administered by and communicated from a second gaming unit in the form of a host server to a number of networked gaming devices. Players may enter and exit play of the ongoing bonus game while it is still in progress, participating only in a segment thereof.

Lee E. Cannon, Mick D. Roemer, Robert Guinne, Michael J. Mitchell

9633509–Method and apparatus for gaming machines with a tournament play bonus feature

A gaming method and device includes a game, at least one non-qualifying outcome in the game, and at least one qualifying outcome in the game, wherein a player qualifies for a multi-player tournament to be held in the future when the player achieves the at least one qualifying outcome.

Michael Kinsley

9633179–Centralized licensing services

Methods and devices are provided for central management of licenses, particularly those relating to wagering games. A license proxy deployed in and/or dedicated to a gaming establishment may operate under the control of a central licensing manager controlled by another entity, e.g., by a game provider. The license proxy may receive requests to enable features of an electronic gaming machine of the gaming establishment (e.g., game themes, player tracking features and/or peripheral device features) and determine, based on information provided by the central licensing manager, whether to grant such requests. The license proxy may also process requests to enable features of other devices in a gaming establishment, such as server-based features.

Michael W. Oehlert, Nathan D. LaBrosse, Brian K. Baker, John L. Beadell, Steve P. McGahn, Jacquelyn S. Combs, Thomas D. Waxman, Russell Chudd, Tai Rosander

9630102–Input device with membrane to impede entrance of foreign contaminates into an electric gaming machine

Methods, systems, or apparatuses for impeding the entrance of foreign contaminates into a housing of a gaming machine may include a gaming controller, a panel, and an input device mounted to the panel. The input device may include a housing. The housing of the input device may include a first section, a second section, and a member moveable with respect to the first and the second sections, wherein the moveable member is configured to be actuated by a player to provide input to the gaming controller; and a membrane disposed between the first section and the panel, wherein the membrane impedes the entrance of foreign contaminates into the housing.

Sam Johnson

9633508–Enhanced video gaming machine

The present invention provides a closed-loop system that allows the operator of video gaming machines or other systems to define promotional events for the particular machines or systems, monitor the activity of the particular machines or systems, and grant awards. More specifically, the promotional events may include scheduling information, winning criteria and awards. During the period of time that the promotional event is active, the activity of the machine or system is monitored to determine if the winning criteria has been satisfied. If the winning criteria are satisfied, information pertaining to event is recorded. The present invention is applicable to a variety of embodiments including video poker machines, black jack machines or other gaming and gambling machines, as well as other systems that include a display mechanism and an activity that can be monitored.

Scott A. Caputo, Leandro Basallo, Rachael A. Bristol, Thomas Uster, Jodi Manela, Dacotah Petermann-Turner, Amity Wang, Benjamin J. Zoltewicz, Prashant Arora, David Hernandez-Diaz, Stephen J. Edwards, Matthew Falzone, Sean Mountain, Alexander Present, Todd Wong

9633511–Gaming system and method for providing a game which populates symbols along a path

In various embodiments, the present disclosure relates generally to a game including a path of different symbol display positions. The gaming system generates one or more symbols (and/or one or more awards) at one or more of the symbol display positions of a matrix or grid. The gaming system then randomly forms a path including a plurality of the symbol display positions and determines an award for the player based on which symbol display positions are included in the formed path.


Arthur Lee, Bradley Johnson

9633525–Gaming machine and methods of allowing a player to play gaming machines having selectable reel configurations

A gaming device is described herein. The gaming device includes a display unit and a controller that is coupled to the display unit. The display unit is configured to display a game including a plurality of reels being displayed in a display grid. Each reel is adapted to display one of a plurality of symbols. The controller is configured to randomly determine an outcome of the game, select a reel configuration including a plurality of reel groups, determine, for each reel group, a single random symbol being displayed in each reel of the corresponding reel group in the determined outcome, spin and stop each reel of the corresponding reel groups to display the outcome including displaying the same symbols in each reel of the corresponding reel group during rotation, and provide an award to the player as a function of the determined outcome.


John F. Acres

9633528–Method for configuring casino operations

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a method of optimizing at least one performance variable, such as revenue or profitability, indicative of the performance of a casino. An initial set of operating parameters is set. At least one environmental variable, such as traffic, weather, time, cost of transportation, etc. are monitored as is the performance variable. An artificial intelligence program changes operating parameters, such as player-tracking rewards, bonuses, comps, advertising, etc. The program determines the effect of the change, and further changes the operating parameter as a function of the effect and the environmental variable.

John F. Acres

9633512–Method and apparatus for triggering a bonus

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a bonus game that is common to a bank of electronic gaming devices. One or more pools accrue with each wager placed. A player qualifies to play the bonus game when at least one tracked player or game criterion, such as wagers made, exceeds a threshold, triggers a mystery-jackpot counter, or is selected by a weighted pay table. The bonus game includes a video display of a wheel bouncing against a brick wall with bricks being exploded by coins. After an opening is formed in the wall and the wheel escapes, a wheel spin determines the bonus game outcome. More than one player may play the bonus game in sequence until the last player spins the wheel.


William F. Devaney, Phillip Grandinetti III, David C. Nelson

9632534–Covers for wrist-worn devices

A cover for a wrist-worn electronic device is provided. The cover includes a housing, a first and a second wrist strap aperture and a display window. The housing is comprised of an elastic material and defines a cavity configured to receive at least a portion of the electronic device and includes a first end and a second end opposite of the first end. The first and second wrist strap apertures are disposed at the respective first and second ends of the housing and are each configured to receive a wrist strap of the electronic device. The display window is disposed on a side of the housing between the first and second ends and is configured to allow visibility of a display of the electronic device when the cover is placed on the electronic device.


David W. Hatchett, Kenneth R. Czerwinski, Janelle Droessler, John Kinyanjui

9631290–Room temperature electrodeposition of actinides from ionic solutions

Uranic and transuranic metals and metal oxides are first dissolved in ozone compositions. The resulting solution in ozone can be further dissolved in ionic liquids to form a second solution. The metals in the second solution are then electrochemically deposited from the second solutions as room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL), tri-methyl-n-butyl ammonium n-bis(trifluoromethansulfonylimide) providing an alternative non-aqueous system for the extraction and reclamation of actinides from reprocessed fuel materials. Deposition of U metal is achieved using TFSI complexes of U(III) and U(IV) containing the anion common to the RTIL. TFSI complexes of uranium were produced to ensure solubility of the species in the ionic liquid. The methods provide a first measure of the thermodynamic properties of U metal deposition using Uranium complexes with different oxidation states from RTIL solution at room temperature.

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