The list In every issue of the Las Vegas Business Press you will find "The List". "The List" is a weekly listing of top companies by industry in Las Vegas. It is an extremely valuable source of referral business. In addition, at the end of the year a compilation of all the Business Press weekly lists are produced for our annual Book of Lists, Southern Nevada's most complete resource guide. 

The Business Press lists are meant to be a quick reference for businesses looking for suppliers, customers, business contacts, etc. In order to do that, we need information from you. So please fill out the forms as fully as possible to ensure your company's information will be included in the weekly lists and our annual Book of Lists. The mandatory information is marked in the forms, but you need to give us as much information as possible for all the questions.

If you do not want to provide specific information for one of the questions, please respond with a general range so the lists can be as comprehensive as possible. For example, if asked to provide your company's annual revenues, say less than $1 million per year, between $1 million and $10 million, etc