Creating your Southern Nevada home gym space

According to a study by The Global Health & Fitness Association in 2021, compared to prior activity levels, 50 percent of people found that they were less active during pandemic-related shutdowns andone out of 10 people admitted they stopped exercising altogether.

When the pandemic hit, many gym-goers found themselves in a tough position with gyms closed due to restrictions or people avoiding them as a precaution against COVID-19. As a result, some were less active, but many also turned to at-home workouts and home gyms to keep moving. Shopping data showed a 131 percent growth among sports and outdoors items, including gym equipment.

As the founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, it’s imperative for me to stay on top of trends in the housing industry. I interviewed Dr. Darian Parker, a renowned expert in the luxury fitness industry, to discuss how even as we emerge from the pandemic, people have grown accustomed to the convenience of having easily accessible fitness equipment in their homes.

During his 21 years in the industry, Parker served 15 years as the general manager for Club Ridges, a private fitness center designed exclusively for residents of The Ridges. Currently, he co-owns Epic Leisure Management LLC, Parker Personal Training LLC and is co-founder of F. EM Podcast Hosts and Guests.

He believes little things can play a big role when it comes to optimizing a home gym space and living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. There are multiple factors that go into having the ideal at-home setup such as understanding how much space you need, the location in the home, whether to incorporate a digital element, the aesthetics of the space and even soundproofing.

When it comes to what key pieces of equipment to build your home gym around, Parker says, “Treadmills never go out of style. There are different versions now, so it depends on your fitness goals.” In higher-end homes, a state-of-the-art machine like a Technogym treadmill offers a manual treadmill that is significantly harder than belt-based versions, while also offering connectivity.

Cardio equipment is a staple for any gym setup, but for those without a lot of space, kettlebells, dumbbells and mini bands can be all that’s needed to get a heartpumping workout. The extra benefit of these pieces is that they are mobile so you can take your gym with you.

“I notice while working with high-end clients that people travel quite a bit. So, I think having mobile pieces is as important as having a physical gym,” Parker added.

Knowing where to put the gym in the home and soundproofing the room is just as important as the equipment you put in there. According to Parker, one of the biggest mistakes people make is locating the home gym in an area that may not be good for sound in other areas.

Don’t make the mistake of putting the fitness facility upstairs as the sound of equipment carries throughout the home. For example, if you have a treadmill, the bouncing sound could be an annoyance.

Another important facet is the digital connectivity aspect. This can refer to a wearable ring or watch that tracks the workout or having the capability to partake in virtual training. A high-quality pair of headphones is also a must! A report by McKinsey & Co. found that of the people that utilized online exercises or apps, 70 percent intend to maintain or increase their use of online fitness even after the pandemic abates.

Considering the location, equipment and additional accessories one may be able to incorporate will make all the difference during an at-home workout. Staying active as well as being mindful of nutrition and ensuring sufficient sleep all work together to promote an individual’s health, wellness and performance. Now, more than ever, these things should be at the top of mind for us all.

Darin Marques is a luxury home specialist based in Las Vegas and founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, a real estate agency. For more information, visit

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