Top wellness tips to implement while working from home

With much of the workforce still working remotely, many people’s fitness routines have changed as well. For those of us who are working and working-out from home, we must adjust not only our routines but also our outlook on what fitness looks like when you aren’t in the gym on a regular basis.

There are three pillars of wellness that are invaluable to feeling better and upgrading your current version of self. While you can expand on, add to and personalize to suit your own unique needs, these three areas are essential to keeping healthy in 2021 and beyond. Luckily, all of them can be done from home.

1. First, breathe.

Breathe with your nose and keep your mouth closed. This may sound simple, but many people do not realize how important breathing the way we are meant to breathe is to our overall health and well-being. Taking 15, 10 or even just five-minute increments, to really focus on breathing quality is transformational. Remote workers often find that they are making poor choices (sitting with bad posture, convenience snacking, talking longer throughout the workday), and from that, they are feeling more anxious, tired and overall dis-eased. Making that commitment to improve the dimensions of your breath makes all the difference. You’ll find yourself making better life choices from this one easy practice. Simple techniques can be researched online; some programs offer apps for free.

2. Secondly, move.

Move more than you sit throughout the day. Get up, make sweat happen, and handle life before it handles you. With people spending more time in their homes, it is easy to fall into a more sedentary, comforts-only lifestyle. Individuals should be moving vigorously, a minimum of one hour per day or 90 minutes if you are working toward weight loss. I encourage people to go outside and get sunlight on as much of your body as possible. Our bodies get a natural high from increased circulation and multijoint movements, so moving more will help your mental clarity as well. Many bodyweight exercises require little to no work out equipment, so adjusting to working out from home can be easier than most people think. If you need help, check out your local health club for online streaming or the public library for the latest on fitness trends.

3. Thirdly, recover.

This means different things to different people. If you are moving more throughout the day, you are going to need time for your body to recover. For some people this means indulging in a pause like contrast therapy in a hot bath, followed by a cold shower rinse, for others it’s gentle stretching to decompress. What people don’t always realize is there are other ways in which your body needs replenishment beyond that after-work cocktail, Netflix or potato chip binge. If you are someone who spends their day looking at a computer screen for work, your headspace needs restoration, too. Powering down “anything with a screen” the last hour of your day before bed while practicing breathing with your nose, is a great way to get the most restful, deep sleep you’ve ever had. Ask yourself what you have overloaded your system with and wherever the imbalance is, give yourself the permission and create the space to reboot.

Implementing these three pillars of well-being into your routine is a great start, but your success depends on your goals. If you don’t set goals, at best you’re dreaming and at worst you’re not making progress. Make sure your goals are measurable and attainable, and put a pen to paper and physically write them out. Writing is a kinesthetic process that is inherently creative and inspiring and a great way to be physically accountable to yourself. If you need help setting these priorities, reach out to a professional or join a dedicated tribe. Although many are doing so remotely and virtually, there are still mentors everywhere.

Even with all the changes the past year has brought on, I still workout at home and outside most days of the week and keep the faith for all things fitness. Las Vegans are resilient and will rise to the occasion when it comes to staying well and finding their way given the circumstances.

Fatima Valeras is a personal trainer (aka The Vegas Trainer) at Tuscan Highlands,

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