Jeffrey L. Allen, Danijel Stankovic, John R. Werneke

9478101 – Providing and controlling embeddable gaming content

A wagering game system and its operations include detecting, via a first web widget presented via a casino website, identifying information for a casino user account. The casino user account is hosted by a casino server. The first web widget is hosted by a second server separate from the casino server. The operations can further include determining, by at least one of one or more processors, a relationship between the casino user account and a second user account associated with the second server. The determining the relationship can be in response to detecting the identifying information. The operations can further include associating, by at least one of the one or more processors, the casino user account and the second user account in response to determining the relationship.

Joel R. Jaffe, Michael P. Casey, Jeffrey M. Lichtman

9478102 – Wagering game with alterable-math feature

A method for playing a wagering game includes receiving wager inputs from a player for a wagering game. A randomly-selected outcome is selected from a plurality of outcomes in response to receiving the wager inputs. The selecting of the randomly-selected outcome is determined in accordance with a gaming math feature. A data set representing a game-play characteristic is stored before discontinuing game-play in a gaming session. In response to the player continuing the wagering game in a subsequent gaming session, the data set is accessed. The gaming math feature for the wagering game in the subsequent gaming session is altered based on the game-play characteristic.

Todd M. Haushalter, Nathan J. Wadds

9474957 – Playing card handling devices, systems, and methods for verifying sets of cards

Systems include an automatic card shuffler and a shoe. The automatic card shuffler may include a printing device for applying a randomly selected set symbol on each cards of a set of cards. The shoe may include a set symbol reader for reading each card for a presence and identity of a set symbol. A shoe processor may be configured to receive a signal from a shuffler processor indicating the selected set symbol to enable the shoe processor to verify that each card belongs to the set of cards. An automatic card shuffler includes a processor programmed to randomly select a card set symbol and a card-marking system for forming the randomly selected set symbol on cards. Methods include forming a randomly determined set symbol on each card of a set of cards and detecting whether cards include a set symbol matching the determined set symbol.

Zbigniew Czyzewski, Nathan K. Wadds, David Baorins, Daniel Fox, Maciej A. Jakuc

9478099 – Bet sensing apparatuses and methods

A bet sensor for sensing values of gaming tokens may include a bet placement surface configured and oriented to support a stack of gaming tokens thereon and an image sensor located and oriented to capture an image of a lateral side surface of at least one gaming token located on the bet placement surface. The image may depict the lateral side surface in a radial format. The bet sensor may include a processor in communication with the image sensor. The processor is configured to acquire image data from the image and analyze the image data to determine a wager value of the at least one token. A gaming table may include such a bet sensor. The disclosure includes methods of operating such a gaming table.


James Hillier, James Pulliam, Kevin Pulliam

9478144 – Computer systems for capturing student performance

A method of capturing student performance can be provided that includes enabling a course creator to generate assessment data related to learning assessments for an online course and to generate learning outcomes for the online course, associating the assessment data with the learning outcomes, such that at least some of the learning assessments correspond to at least some of the learning outcomes, and generating an online classroom. The method may further include providing the learning assessments to students enrolled in the online course using the online classroom, wherein the students can generate completed learning assessments, and determining, for each of the completed learning assessments, whether one or more of the learning outcomes were met by each of the students.


9479008 – Mobile device wireless charging system

A wireless charging system for charging a mobile device uses a supercapacitor to provide wireless charging of the device. A holographic image of the supercapacitor may store electrical charge which may be released for storage into the battery of the device.


Danile A. Gerrity, William Gates, Pablos Holman, Roderick Hyde, Muriel Y. Ishikawa, Edward K.Y. Young, Jordin T. Kare, Royce A. Levien, Richard T. Lord, Robert W. Lord, Mark A. Malamud, Nathan P. Myhrvold, John D. Rinaldo Jr., Keith D. Rosema, Clarence T. Tegreene, Thomas Allen Weaver, Lowell L. Wood Jr.

9477864 – Systems and methods for scanning a user environment and evaluating data of interest

According to various embodiments, a mobile device continuously and/or automatically scans a user environment for tags containing non-human-readable data. The mobile device may continuously and/or automatically scan the environment for tags without being specifically directed at a particular tag. The mobile device may be adapted to scan for audio tags, radio frequency tags, and/or image tags. The mobile device may be configured to scan for and identify tags within the user environment that satisfy a user preference. The mobile device may perform an action in response to identifying a tag that satisfies a user preference. The mobile device may be configured to scan for a wide variety of tags, including tags in the form of quick response codes, steganographic content, audio watermarks, audio outside of a human audible range, radio frequency identification tags, long wavelength identification tags, near field communication tags, and/or a Memory Spot device.


Michael Wharton

9474444 – Method and apparatus for self-examination of the interior space of an individual’s eye

A method and apparatus for self-examination of the interior space of an individual’s eye is disclosed.


Jay S. Walker, Robert C. Tedesco, James A. Jorasch, Jose A. Suarez

9478095 – Methods and systems for determining and selling wagering game outcomes to be viewed remotely

In accordance with some embodiments, a plurality of outcomes are generated and used to create a video presentation of representative outcomes. The video presentation is recorded onto a tangible medium (e.g., DVD or CD-ROM) or otherwise provided to a player (e.g., a player may access the video presentation online). This allows a player to purchase a video presentation of (e.g., predetermined) outcomes in a jurisdiction in which gambling is legal yet view the presentation at the player’s convenience (e.g., from any jurisdiction and at any time). A player who purchases such a video presentation may subsequently redeem it for a redemption value associated therewith. In some embodiments, the player may request such outcomes by presenting and/or selecting a session object and/or by interfacing with a tangible medium recording or production device (e.g., on a casino floor).

Paul B. Walkingstick

9478100 – Localized remote gaming

A gaming machine, such as a video slot or video poker machine located in a casino or other gaming environment, may be configured to provide simultaneous play by both an in-person player and one or more remote players. Session identifiers may be assigned to the gaming machine that correspond to the game session of the in-person player and the game session of any remote players


9477809 – Systems and methods for workflow processing

Systems and methods for processing a workflow are disclosed. Certain embodiments allow prescreened data to be inserted into a workflow. A user’s interpretation of prescreened data can be compared with previously obtained characteristics, enabling the user’s interpretive output to be monitored and improved. The disclosed systems and methods have applications including, but not limited to, training, performance analysis, process improvement, and data analysis and data mining in workflows.


Jea H. Jung

D769990 – Spherical dumbbell

The ornamental design for a spherical dumbbell, as shown and described.


D769985 – LED display drone attachment

The ornamental design for a LED display drone attachment, as shown and described.


D769672 – Water bottle dispenser base and piercing tool holder

The ornamental design for a water bottle dispenser base and piercing tool holder, as shown.


Daisuke Nakamura, Hidetomo Yamashita, Hayato Mizue, Hiromitus Negishi

9478107 – Game machine, and control method of controlling computer and computer program used therefor

A game machine includes a display device that displays a game screen in which virtual reels formed by symbols are arranged so as to correspond one-to-one to cells as symbol stop positions. And, a game machine determines the symbol to stop in each cell through drawing, and controls a movement to change the symbol and a stop of the movement for each virtual reel based on a drawing result. Furthermore, a game machine determines a number of specific symbols that stop in the cells, and controls a movement of each virtual reel, which causes the specific symbols to appear in the cells, as one virtual reel group and a stop of the movement in units of virtual reel group.


Matthew Curran, William D. Smith

D770045 – Invertebral implant

The ornamental design for an intervertebral implant, substantially as shown and described.


James H. Jannard, Rob Wouter Lohman, Richard Greene

9479749 – Resolution based formatting of compressed image data

The disclosure herein relates to devices for compression, decompression or reconstruction of image data for still or moving pictures, such as image data detected with a digital camera. In some embodiments, data channels are compressed using a scalable compression algorithm. The compression algorithm may allow customization of compression parameters, such as a quantization factor, code block size, number of transform levels, reversible or irreversible compression, a desired compression ratio with a variable bit rate output, a desired fixed bit rate output with a variable compression rate, progression order, output format, or visual weighting. A lower quality image or an image with lower resolution may be reconstructed using only some of the compressed data. Use of offsets to various layers and color channels allow reconstruction of the image without requiring decompression of all of the full image data.


Wian-Ming Law, John Smith, David Nelson

D770072 – Clip-style light

The ornamental design for a clip-style light, as shown and described.

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