•Pao-Ho Chang

9539265 – Pharmaceutical formulation containing glycosaminoglycan

A pharmaceutical formulation containing a glycosaminoglycan is provided. In this pharmaceutical formulation, a glycosaminoglycan layer surrounding a drug layer is used to improve the treatment efficiency of enteric diseases.


•Leon F. Garcia-Martinez, Benjamin H. Dutzar, Ethan W. Ojala, Jefferey T.L. Smith, John A. Latham

9539324 – Methods of preventing inflammation and treating pain using anti-NGF compositions

This invention pertains to monovalent agents, including Fab fragments and monovalent monoclonal antibodies analogous to MetMab, having binding specificity to human Nerve Growth Factor (“NGF”), and methods of treating pain in an individual wherein there is no substantial increase in the inflammatory response of the individual following administration of the monovalent agents.


•Allon G. Englman, Jeremy M. Hornik

9542794 – Wagering game with multiple reels forming multiple symbol arrays

A gaming system for playing a wagering game comprises at least one display adapted to display a plurality of reels having symbols. The symbols indicate a randomly selected outcome of the wagering game. The plurality of reels includes at least one single-symbol reel and at least one multi-symbol reel. The at least one display is adapted to display at least one payline overlapping at least one symbol from the at least one single-symbol reel and at least one symbol from the at least one multi-symbol reel.

•Andrew C. Guinn, Damon E. Gura, Michael W. Matropietro, Richard B. Robbins, Richard T. Schwartz

9542812 – Wagering game leaderboards

Leaderboards that aggregate data from across different wagering games (e.g., online wagering games and casino based wagering games) can create a game independent spirit of competition and recognition. Wagering game data of a plurality of players across different wagering games can be aggregated together. The plurality of players are ranked based, at least in part, on the wagering game data aggregated across the different wagering games. A leaderboard is updated based, at least in part, on the ranking of the plurality of players.

•David E. Detlefsen, Mark B. Gagner, Paul M. Lesley, Timothy C. Loose, Scott A. Manning, Larry J. Pacey, Craig J. Sylla, Mattew H. Ward

9542797 – Gaming system with remote controller having location-based variable functionality

A gaming system includes a handheld device coupled to a fixed structure. The handheld device includes a sensor configured to detect inputs. The handheld device is positionable in a base predefined zone and a first predefined zone. The base predefined zone is defined as a base volumetric space and the first predefined zone is defined as a first volumetric space. A memory device stores instructions that, when executed, by at least one of one or more processors of the gaming system, cause the gaming system to (i) detect a first input from the handheld device, (ii) perform a first function in response to the first input being detected in the base predefined zone, and (iii) perform a second function in response to the first input being detected in the first predefined zone, the second function being different from the first function.

•James W. Vann

9542801 – Wearable wagering game system and methods

In at least some aspects, the present concepts include a wearable haptic device including one or more input devices, one or more haptic output devices, one or more processors, and a communication device, wherein the one or more processors are configured to cause the one or more haptic output devices to output a haptic output, of a plurality of haptic outputs, responsive to an event in a game, of a plurality of possible game events, in accord with a mapping of haptic outputs to game events.

•Paul K. Scheper, Attila Grauzer, James V. Kelly, James B. Stasson

9539495 – Intelligent automatic shoe and cartridge

A playing card delivery shoe has a cartridge for receiving a first set of shuffled playing cards useful in the play of the casino table card game, the cartridge having a back end and front card delivery end. An automated motor-driven playing card delivery shoe has a cartridge receiving area. The card delivery shoe has a pick-off roller that moves playing cards from the front card delivery end of the cartridge. An image capture system captures image data of at least one of card value and card rank. A motor drives at least one set of rollers. A card delivery chute receives playing cards one at a time from the set of rollers.

•Peter R. Anderson, Robby M. Friedman, Mark B. Gagner, Timothy T. Gronkowski, Michael J. Irby II, Victor T. Shi, John L. Walsh

9542807 – Controlling event-driven behavior of wagering game objects

A behavior controller system and its operations are described herein. In embodiments, the operations can include determining an outcome to present for a wagering game. The wagering game includes a wagering game object configured to present the outcome using a set of possible behavioral responses. The operations can further include, based on the outcome, determining priorities for the set of possible behavioral responses and performing at least a portion of the set of possible behavioral responses according to the priorities. The operations can further include; and causing the wagering game object to present the outcome for the wagering game based on the performing the at least the portion of the set of possible behavioral responses.

•Randy D. Sines, Gary W. Griffin, Joseph J. Lahti

9539494 – Card shuffling apparatuses and related methods

Card shuffler apparatuses include a card repositioner used to randomly reposition a plurality of cards on-edge over an aperture extending through a card support surface to allow cards to sequentially pass through the aperture in a random order. The apparatuses may be capable of continuously and sequentially forming playing card hands for use in a game. Shuffler apparatuses may be used to obtain a measurement relating to a thickness of the deck of cards. Methods involve the use of card shuffler apparatuses to form one or more playing card hands in a playing card game. Additional methods involve counting playing cards present within a stack of playing cards using a shuffler apparatus. In further methods, a number of shuffler apparatuses and a lesser number of shuffler activation devices are provided in a gaming establishment so as to preclude simultaneous use of all the shuffler apparatuses in the establishment.

•Victor Vasquez Lerias III, Jamie W. Vann, Robby M. Friedman, Jason M. Hoffman, Michael J. Irby, Robert W. Morgan, Kazuki Murakami

9542805 – Wagering game with images having dynamically changing shapes

A gaming system for conducting a wagering game displays images having dynamically changing shapes. In one embodiment, a display device displays a screen for a wagering game. The screen presents a first image that follows a first spline. The first spline is defined by one or more curves passing through a first set of control points. A processor determines a second set of control points to define a second spline for the first image. The screen displays the first image transitioning from following the first spline to following the second spline. The screen may present a graphical interaction involving the first image, and the processor is configured to determine the second set of control points in response to the graphical interaction. The graphical interaction may occur between the first image and a second image. Alternatively, an input from a player causes the graphical interaction with the first image.


•Morgan Lars Ake Gustavsson

9539440 – Fluorescent handpiece

A handpiece can treat biological tissue using electromagnetic radiation, which can be substantially fluorescent light. The handpiece includes a source of electromagnetic radiation and a waveguide. The waveguide is adjacent the source, receives electromagnetic radiation from the source, and delivers the electromagnetic radiation to the biological tissue. The handpiece also includes a system for moving a fluorescent substance through the waveguide. The fluorescent substance includes a fluid base and a fluorescing agent and is capable of modulating at least one property of the electromagnetic radiation. A method is described for removing the fluorescing agent from the fluorescing substance and replacing it with a second, different fluorescing agent.


•Anthony J. Baerlocher, Peter Gerrard

9542811 – Gaming device having a selectively accessible bonus scheme

A gaming device having a bonus scheme, wherein the player may choose when to play a bonus scheme, so long as the player is qualified to do so. The method of qualifying the player to enter the bonus round connects or links the base game operation of the gaming device with the bonus scheme. The reels of the base game contain symbols which alone or in combination with other symbols yield one or more bonus awards to a player. The bonus awards are escrowed and displayed a bonus award escrow display. Once the player obtains a single bonus award, the player becomes eligible or qualified to play the bonus round and the player may choose to do so at any time. The player can accumulate bonus awards and use multiple bonus awards at one time.

•Daniel Marks, Anthony Singer, Howard Marks

9542808 – Electronic game and method for playing a game based upon removal and replacing symbols in the game matrix

Payout methods in a mechanical, an electromechanical and/or computer-based slot machine-like games-of-chance enable a series of awards based upon: appearance of predetermined symbol combinations in the symbol matrix; issuance of awards for the predetermined combination of symbols; removal of the winning symbol combinations from the symbol matrix; replacement of removed symbols with other symbols; issuance of awards for predetermined combination of symbols in the symbol matrix; and recurring cycles of award, removal and replacement until no winning symbol combinations appear in the symbol matrix.

•David W. Daniels

9542814 – Gaming system and method for providing a nudge poker game

A gaming system for providing a poker game with a playing card nudge feature.


•Bradley A. Johnson, Jason Gilmore

9542796 – System and method of allowing a player to play gaming machines having expanding symbol and column replication

The invention is directed to a gaming machine and method of providing a game. The game machine comprises a display and a controller. The display is configured to display a plurality of symbol positions displayed in a grid, the grid defining a plurality of columns. The controller is configured to: initiate a game; determine at least one symbol associated with each of the plurality of symbol positions along at least one of the columns and display the symbols in the at least one column; evaluate the symbols displayed within the at least one column to determine a highest ranked symbol; replace all remaining symbols displayed within the at least one column with the highest ranked symbol; and insert the highest ranked symbol into the symbol positions of at least one other column within the grid.

•Jason Gilmore, Jayme Neverton, Ali Minaian, Carolyn Tomczyk

9542810 – Gaming machine and methods of providing games to players having dice with expandable images

A gaming machine for providing a game to a player is described herein. The gaming machine displays a primary game including a plurality of reels, detects a triggering condition occurring with the primary game and responsively displays a secondary game. The secondary game includes a player character and an enemy character being displayed on an animated game field. The gaming machine displays a plurality of dice on the animated game field including a player die displayed with a player strength value and an enemy die displayed with an enemy strength value. The gaming machine displays an expandable image of the player strength value at a first size and increases the size of the expandable image to a larger second size over a predefined period of time.


•John F. Acres

9542798 – Personal electronic device for gaming and bonus system

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to communication methods in gaming networks using portable devices. In some networks portable devices communicate information about the status of particular gaming machines on the gaming network. In other networks portable devices are used as a secondary display for the gaming device. In yet other networks bonus games may be played on the portable devices. Further embodiments include a portable device that operates to match a current state of a game to a pre-defined state or states.

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